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New to this (Warwickshire) - Carers UK Forum

New to this (Warwickshire)

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello everyone,

I'm Chris (m., 47), not only new to this forum but to virtually everything to do with computers! I missed out on the years when the whole world seemed to go computer-mad and am only just beginning to catch up. So bear with me, please.

Just over a year ago I met the love of my life, Bernadette (Bernie). We began living together in Jan 2007 and were married 6 weeks ago. Bernie has MS (diagnosed 1999) and we struggle at times to get by, not least because we are in a 1st/2nd floor flat and her mobility is impaired. Plus I am trying to set myself up as a gardener but am finding it hard due to lack of time, low energy, Bernie's frequent illnesses/relapses, a bad back (partly from lifting her...and she is very light!)....plus of course the bloody awful weather this summer....

But I don't want to use this opportunity to moan! We are so very happy and in love. We just need some help and support once in a while (.....and we are broke broke BROKE!) A few laughs would be nice, too,although I hasten to add that we generate a lot of laughter ourselves.....a more positive, stubborn, brave and wickedly funny person than Bernie you could never even imagine...!

Too many exclamation marks always makes the author look a little unhinged or needy, so I shall stop here and say: Hello, everyone, again.

Looking forward to a reply or two,

Hello Chris

Welcome to the forum!

You have come to the right place, should it be for advice, support, a laugh or just have a moan!! I'm the biggest offender I'm afriad when it comes to (!!) So don't worry your among people that understand the depths of caring and also how enlightening it can also be!

Look forward to your posts.
Take care
Maryann x
Hi Chris,

Maryann said everything above so just adding my welcome too.
Take a look round the site and if any questions just holler.

Welcome indeed, Chris. And don't worry about exclamation marks on this site...we use them a lot ourselves.

Whether I should have said that following your remarks about being unhinged is another question Image
Hi Chris, I always use exclamation marks!! And my oh says I am unhinged! But after 35 years he is used to it Image
He also has MS, if you look in specific conditions on the forum, you will find a thread with carers whose carees have ms, which might be helpful.
Otherwise, just ask! Image
Hi Chris
Welcome to the Forum.
Merry Christmas to you
Hi Chris, welcome, my hubby also has progressive MS, and after many problems, we are now, as they say, in a good place Image
he is content, otherwise healthy, and we have much more laughs than we used to....a lot of them caused in part by my own Chris, my son,who is my rock, my anchor in the stormy seas.

he has also just given me the best birthday pressie ever.......my very own life size Doctor Image Image