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New to this forum - Carers UK Forum

New to this forum

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello, My name is Chris and I new to this forum.
I have been my wife's full-time carer for the last 5 years.

My wife has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and 18 months ago also had a perforated abdomen, where she nearly died. She has always had poor health and in the past has had Jaundice, Pneumonia, Heart stents fitted and much more.
Because of the constant pain she has, she has to take Oramorph as well a her other medication and this often knocks her out and she spends a lot of time asleep.

I spend a lot of lonely hours on my own, we have six daughters and only one still lives with us, she is eleven years old. I have suffered with my health as well and have had two heart attacks in the past and have Asthma.

My wife is in respite for the week right now, and I get a break about 8 times a year. Sometimes when my wife is in respite, I like to get away for a few days with my daughter to the seaside. But, it is so strange being away with her when I watch families enjoying holidays while I am sat on my own. Is there anywhere I can go on holiday with other people in the same situation I am in?
hello Chris and welcome
You join us at a time when our beloved forum has just undergone a major upgrade and most of us are still finding out way around, or finding glitches. Some are even locked out, oh no!
I'm sure more people will be along to say in due course, but in the meantime do just join in

What an interesting question you pose- holidays for carers, without their carees. I can see that a 'singles' holiday wouldn't fit the bill
Off the top of my head I cant think of any but would suggest perhaps a group special interest holiday such as walking, photography or a craft where everyone has that in common and its not so noticeable that you are without your partner. There are some geared towards children and parent too.

Your local carers group will arrange get togethers too. Ours do day trips every so often as well

Hope others will be along with more ideas over the next few days