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New to this - Carers UK Forum

New to this

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello i have just joined.I am aged 56 and care daily for my wonderful 93 old mom.It is my pleasure to help her.But was told about carers hub.I would like to find out about events or activities for carers to attend.It would be nice to meet other carers also to do something for me.Can anyone advise where I look for this please.
Many Thanks
Hello Jill and welcome to the forum :)

Unfortunately the Carers UK Forum is an online facility only - but we're a friendly crowd with a lot of experience caring for our family members/friends between us ! Ask a question and someone will be bound to have an answer or a suggestion :)

If you want to meet up with other Carers in a similar situation try googling the name of your town and "Carers support", you should then get details of your local Carers support group - apart from advice and support most offer opportunities to meet other carers for coffee mornings and occasionally other activities. You could also try looking on your Local Authority website under Adult Social Services - you'll usually find a list there too.
Hi Jill,
I looked after my Mum from aged 90 to 100 (bar 11 days). It's not easy and gets harder. I was aware of Carers' groups locally but could never find the time to attend. As Susie says, you ought to be able to find some info online.
Lots of advice, sympathy and empathy here. Ask anything, rant and rave if needed, no-one judges because we all know how it is.
Hi Jill
Welcome, I look after my 90 year old Dad , and I think the kind of support the LA offers varies quite a lot depending on your area. If you are looking for Support groups, you could try churches, care companies, care homes, community centres. The LA should be able to provide a list if they are a good LA.
What kind of care do you provide for your mum? Is she just elderly or does she have health needs? Whichever it is, someone here has probably been in a similar position so ask anything you like.
Hi Jill,
If you ask the local authority to do a Carers Assessment they will be able to tell you what is going on in your area.
I went to a craft session last month, a cream tea is planned next week, a coach trip to Dorchester the following week, and a Christmas lunch on about the 14th. These are being arranged by the Princess Royal Trust for Carers who receive funding from the LA, in my case, Hampshire.
Is mum getting Attendance Allowance, and you, Carers Allowance?
There are other Carers groups in the area which are not for me, as I care for a son with brain damage and most of the carers have an elderly caree, often with age related mental health issues.