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Hi, my name is Katrina, I am a carer for for my 7 year old son who has a rare chronic condition, I'm looking to see if there is anyone out there with simliar problems to my son and for done advice and support. Not really sure if this is the right place to post this message.

I also have a dad that has been diagnosed with pbp motor neurone disease.

Thanks katrina
Dear Katrina you're certainly, sadly, in the right place to find other parents who have children with severe health conditions, though I'm not sure I've seen anyone caring for your son's particular problems. But I'm sure that you'll find a lot in common with all the other incredibly dedicated mothers and fathers here who do so, so much for their children - I take my hat off to you all (for me, it's a question of my elderly MIL with dementia, who is now in a care home.)

With kind regards, and welcome to a very supportive forum, Jenny
Hi Jenny, thanks for your reply, it can be hard work, but you just get on with it, it's just I spend so much time with him I can forget who I am and what it's like to speak to other adults, it's always easier to speak to someone in the same shoes that is a carer as only they know what it's like.

Sorry to hear about your mother in law, dementia isn't very kind sometimes, I used to work in nursing homes so know a bit about it.

Katrina x