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Newbie........ - Carers UK Forum


Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Morning all, not too sure how to start but here goes - l become my mums full time carer after a bad fall in June (just before our holiday which was duly cancelled) and then subsequent admission to hospital week later. Although she is doing better and we are getting out and about locally she is still unsteady and nervous about going anywhere without me. I am 49 and work evenings 6 til midnight so l'm with her during the day and my brother is there during the evenings/night time. In addition, and l'm not too sure how it started l have moderate anxiety/panic attacks when l am around people outside of family and close friends. I am a member of a gym but find it hard to become motivated to go regularly although l used to go 4 to 5 times a week before. We are hoping at some point in the near future to get away for few days (by we l mean me and mum). I try to stay positive because that's the type of person and l do find talking kinda helpful :)
Hi Lynne and welcome to the forum, this is a great place for getting any advice and a place to moan, as no matter how positive we are by nature, we all end up moaning once or twice with the added burden of caring!
Best place to start if you are just starting to recognise yourself as carer, is to make sure you are recorded as such so register as a carer with your mum's GP, and ask Social Services at your Council for a carers assessment and and perhaps a needs assessment for your mum.
They will signpost you to available services and inform you whether either of you can claim any benefits, such as Attendance Allowance for your mum which is not means tested.
Thanks for the advice and when l find the time l will try to phone round...........the doctor does seem to recognise me as the main carer though............it's not always easy to know where to start. Most of the time l feel quite isolated and alone not sure where to turn or who to turn to for actual support, so thanks again :).