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Hi. I'm new here. Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 37 and I have 2 daughters. My youngest is 3. She has complex health problems. She was premature and was born with a low birth weight. She is developmentally delayed by approx 2 years,she's just learnt to walk,she has a feeding tube and a under developed arm/hand. My days are long and stressful but so worth it. Thanks for reading.
Hi Louise, welcome to the forum. My son was brain damaged when he was born, now 38. A really pleasant man but unable to read, write, or do any maths.
I found the period up to eight years old the very worst, endless meetings and lots of people saying stupid things to me like "You know you need to speak to him to get him to speak back?". Of course I did, my eldest son was perfectly behaved, and exceeded all his developmental milestones.

What help are you getting at the moment? Does she get any educational input, maybe a special needs playgroup? Are you claiming Disability Living Allowance? Aware of the Family Fund?
Hi Louise and welcome,
I care for S he is now 25 and has autism.
Sounds like your younger daughter keeps you busy. Does she have support with her development from any professionals? Do you get any short breaks/ respite?