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New to the forum. - Carers UK Forum

New to the forum.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am Doug, a carer for my wife who has multiple sclerosis. I've looked after her for 25 years and been recommended to Carers UK. I live to the west of Nottingham. I don't really know what else to say.
Welcome - we're a nice bunch here, with a variety of care-situations. Many of us, like me, have an elderly parent (mine is my MIL), and quite a few have children (both young and young adults) with special needs, and quite a few have spouses in need of care, so there's a good mix.

It's a good place to vent if we need to (and most of us do sometimes!)(it's a 'safe' place to say the sometimes 'unsayable' things that people who aren't carers don't really understand), and it's also great for practical suggestions, based on those who are 'further down the line' and so on, and it's great for getting advice on how to make the NHS/SS etc do what they should be doing. And it's nice just to have people around who, like I say, walk in the same shoes, even if they come in a variety of colours, depending on the needs of our carees.

No one really knows what caring is like until it 'lands' on you - and very few of us are 'volunteers' if you see what I mean! We didn't grow up thinking it would happen to us. (Saddest of all, we have some 'young carers' here, both those who look after their parents/grandparents/siblings, but also those who have taken on partners with MH or other issues, and are dealing with that as bravely as they can)

Kind regards, Jenny
Welcome Doug, Nice to hear from you. My daughter in law has MS. They have been married for 18 years. You wouldn't know my DIL has anything wrong to look at her. However she tires very easily and suffers migraines, pins and needles, pain and various other symptoms which make life difficult. She controls her condition with a strict diet, set regime and medication of course.
What has happened to send you looking for support and fellowship? Glad you found this forum. Are you getting any help or are you struggling on all alone? What do you need? If it's just a listening ear, that's fine, but if you have any questions or problems, needs or anxieties we will do our best to help or point you to where help might be available.
Hi Douglas, welcome to the forum. I've been a multiple carer for many years, now just my son with learning difficulties, aged 37 left. My biggest problem is lack of energy now, at 64 I find the body just isn't interested in doing much after my evening meal - and isn't so keen to get up at sunrise either!