Jason_220612 wrote:
Sat Jun 25, 2022 1:39 pm
Hi Breezy

Thanks for your reply and advice. Thankfully we have most of the necessary financial support benefits where we qualify.

She’s on Sky as we have the multi room which can’t be programmed but I love what you’re doing with your mums tv programming.

She has a bell in all the places she goes to, lounge, WC and bedroom. Unsurprisingly, she’s never bothered using them.

Ever since her pneumonia, we’ve noticed she settled into having everything done for her really well. My wife used to try and get her to interact with a few things and up to last Christmas it had been watered down to filling in Christmas cards but with my wife suggesting what to say because her mum couldn’t think of what to say. With some recent correspondence, we’ve now seen a huge decline in her ability to write. Problems with text size and keeping it straight.

We persevere :D
My mother forgets sometimes to use the bell, because she's not used it for a while or she's got an infection and confused so forgotten or she doesn't want to disturb me from what I am doing or wake me in the night and if she has fallen out of bed it is no use to her up on the bedside cabinet!
She's had pneumonia a few times and a collapsed lung, they take several months to get over for her.

My mother has problems writing, since she had her mini strokes, her concentration to read and her ability to make the pen write have deteriorated with each TIA stroke due to the brain damage from it and she can't always think of what for me to write in them for her, I make suggestions to jog her memory.
She hasn't given up, she is on the whole interactive and wanting to do things, but her conditions limit her capabilities.