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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi again Dorothy, they are a supportive and freindly bunch of people here.
We live in South Wales, I'm the same age as you, I've been a carer for my mother for about 14 yrs, she has lived with us for the past 7 yrs. It sounds like you have a lot to cope with, and made harder by the lack of sleep. Do you have any help or support from Social Services care workers, sitter service?

Hi Cheril,nice to know we have something in common to begin with ...To answer your question first of,when mum was released from in hospital (oct-jan)the hospital social worker put care workers in place ie ,4 visits a day first one at 7.15am ,then 12.30pm,6.00pm and last one at 8.15 approx,they have just been and hopefully that will be her settled for tonight....Our own social worker and district nurse have been great i was telling Rosemary today that i rang Lisa (the social worker)last Tuesday morning at the end of my tether and having just had another sleepless night...and Lisa got the ball rolling right away ,Mum was placed in a lovely nursing home not far from here on the Wedensday morning by 10am.But Cheril i have discussed this numerous times (and i`m sure you have too)we are saving the goverment billions so our requests should be dealt with right away.Anyhow my husband and i had a great week and my grandkids could all come and stay together,because with mum being the way she is the children have to split their visits like one at a time ha ha,the funny thing is when mum was fine and dandy she would ring my grandchildren when i was at work and invite them all over for the night weither i liked the idea or not ha ha and she truly enjoyed their company Tell me about your mum and how you cope.I`m really glad i have joined the forum i know now that i`m truly not alone.Hope to hear from you soon.Take care xox
Hi Dorothy,

I hope things get better for you. Try grabbing little naps when ever you can - it helps.
Hi Greywolf,thank you for your hopes for me.I do try to grap a nap when i can,but as we all know with a house to run and other family members needing fed its hard to relax.But i have just been to check on mum and at present she is sleeping like a contented baby lets hope that it will last all night Image no wonder she is asleep she has eaten like a horse all day ha ha and she must weigh about 6 stone !!!!! Anyhow thanks for your message,its lovely to receive them,

take care xo