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new to the forum of carers

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Hello all,I`m new to this ,so forgive me if i make a mistake.I am a 52 year old married female and i had to take a career break last August to care for my mum who suffers from dementia and parkinsons.She is bed riden and cannot feed herself,plus all the usual downsides of dementia.I have care workers who call 4 times a day to change mum (but there is the occasional accident and i have to do the changing).The woman i knew as my darling mum is no longer there but a shell of her former self who would (if in her right mind)scoff at herself for being so silly....Sleep in her case (and ours)is very little...The sleeping tablets,as my gp informed me can have the adverse effect ,don`t we know it.The longest spell being 3 nights and days without closing our eyes and mum shouting,ranting and raving.My poor husband is still at work so he finds it difficult when we dont get any sleep.She will call out for me (like for instance )3.30am and demand tea,toast et,etc....I got a period of respite last week and believe me i dont feel guilty in saying this but it was heaven.I hope that i have given you all an outline of my carers experience and hope to hear from you all soon.Thank you for your time in reading this.Nan D
Hi Dorothy, sounds like you are having a pretty rough ride!
I'd like to say it gets easier, but.......................
Thanks for your quick reply Myrtle,albeit nearly negitive ha ha Image It can be laughable at times if it wasn`t so serious ...She will be 90 in October and my family keep reminding me that she may get a telegram from the Queen,at this rate ,pity i won`t be around to indulge in the celebrations ha ha
Welcome to the forum Dorothy.Look forward to reading more from you

x x
Thank you Rosemary,its nice to be involved with people who understand xoxo
Hi again Dorothy,

I know you are new Image but if we dont ask we dont get or as my mam used to say......shy bairns get nowt Image.

I was wondering if you could let us know about how much support there is in N Ireland for this
Private members bill

http://www.carersni.org/Newsandcampaign ... rsBenefits

Hi Dorothy - welcome aboard.
Thanks Charles,its a pleasure to join you all Image
Hi and welcome Dorothy
Thanks Cheril,hope to get to know you all better.... Image