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Hello New Member

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I'm Kim, Joined a few months ago so apologies for not posting sooner. I am a carer for my husband who has Spondylosis of the lower spine.
Hi Kim and welcome, my husband has scoliosis and the bend is pressing on a nerve so hes in constant pain. x
Hello Kim and welcome Image Pleased to have you with us.

I hope you and your husband have been having a reasonably good Christmas.

Anyway I send my warmest good wishes to you both, Kim. You give no hint with regards to how well you are coping, so I hope its generally going well for you. But if you are like most of us, life has its moments, eh ?

All the best,

Robert Image
Hi and Merry Christmas. Image Image Image
Hi Kim.
Welcome to the site.

Hope to see you around the forums.

Tracey xx
Hi thank you for all your warm welcomes. Sorry I didnt post how we cope, because in truth i don't know any more we live from day to day My hubby is in constant pain 24/7. I am a carer by trade for nearly 26 years worked my way to the top and even Managed a Residential Home. I had to give up work last year just before Christmas to look after hubbie. It got to the point that through pain hubbie was unable to move around and would often fall over or drop things in the kitchen. This he didnt tell me until he really had to. We made the decision I would give up work. However things have not been easy and a re still not easy. We live in an upstairs flat to which we have a stair lift now, outside our front door we have steps to get to the car park which is a complete nightmare. So if we go out one day we have to stay in the next and so it goes on. Hubby is unable to get around the flat freely as he is now wheelchair bound, he can only get into two rooms of our flat so he constantly feels like he is imprisoned in the flat.

We are on the housing list to be moved, but we have had to fight to get from a band 4 to a band 2. Money has been so tight the last year with not knowing what we could apply for money wise and what we couldnt. It was with the help of Christa from carers uk that helped us to get some extra money. However now I have become hubbies full time carer as he cant do anything for to long sit, laydown. He is prone to pass out with pain, feel sick and dizzy so he finds it quite hard to concentrate on any one thing for long periods of time. He does take Morphine for pain and lots of other meds to.

We have just received a letter from the powers that be with regards to changing benefits from incapacity to employment and support and guess what. They have written to hubby to tell him that the has been put on the able to return to work side of the benefit. I am now at a loss, hubby is very upset and will now worry. The trouble is he can use his arms and he can write. The problem is he cant get up early in the morning because of the meds, he cant wash himself as he cant bend, he has 24 hour care because he cant manage. I really dont understand. Anyway enough of my witterings xx
Hi Kim and welcome from me too Image
Thanks, Kim for telling us how things are. Its not obligatory but I was just kinda curious. Sounds pretty testing for you both to say the least. The more I hear about what other carers are enduring, the luckier I feel. Sounds like life would be a lot better for you both if you could get a move soon.

Take care and keep in touch...

Welcome to the forum,
You are not alone!
The Benefits system has been a total nightmare for me and Hubs as well, he has OA, JHS Depression and absence episodes, he is also in constant pain and needs alot of help, but according to the DWP, he could do some sort of work, so didn't qualify for ESA and didn't qualify for DLA either.
The CAB were brilliant and helped us appeal both sides, which we won.
All I can say is Never give up, keep pushing for what is rightfully yours.
Make sure OH visits his GP regularly, and keep him up to date with the problems you are facing,- I type up a short note every time we go, so GP knows exactly what is happening.
Best Wishes and Good luck
Thank you for the advice. I plan on appealing when I can get hold of them which I believe will be tomorrow for a short time, I will let you know what they say xx