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Hi there - Carers UK Forum

Hi there

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My name is ann-marie I live in the bristol area I look after my daughter lizzie who is 9 and she has learning difficulties and my 79 yr old mother-in-law who is very frail and can hardly walk plus I work part time I just feel I'm juggling all the time and I have no time for myself as I'm running around for everyone. I have 2 other children aged 16 + 15 my husband works fulltime and some days I'm pulling my hair out
Hi Welcome to the forum

I care for my hubby but I know the feeling of being pulled in lots of directions. Lots of people on here to ask advice off or just to listen.
Hi, I've also had the experience of caring for both older and younger generations at the same time, thankfully with a great support team: my wife and two lovely older daughters. What support are you getting from your family at present, and what do you feel you need to keep your head above water?
Both me and my husband are both looking after my husbands mum my 2 teenagers well they are just teenagers lazy etc and my daughter goes to a special needs school so it's just me and my husband looking after mum she gets meals on wheels everyday which Is a great help
Hi there Ann-Marie I care for my daughter 17 who has Downs Syndrome, also my 79 year old Mum who had a stroke and my husband who is diabetic and has scoliosis so in acute pain all the time, welcome to the forum x
Hi and welcome.The posts above say it all.Hope the Forum can help. Image Image Image
Hi And welcome to the site.

My 10 yr old has Autism.

Hope to see you around the forums soon .

Tracey x
Hi Ann and welcome from me too
I'm glad I'm not on my own and that there are people out there who care
Hiya Ann and a warm welcome to the forum. Image Roll call on carer to carer is a great place to get to know us all.