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I so agree with BB. Having been through a very long journey for different reasons, I am so relieved that my lovely husband passed peacefully and pain free. Its very recent ( funeral on Friday). I've missed him so much throughout, and he did suffer at times.

I do hope our thoughts and feelings are of some help to you as I can safely say the heartbreak you are going through is understood.
Once again , many thanks especially to BB and pet who have you’re own challenges and suffering. It was Macmillan who referred us to the hospice doctor , my wife attends him as an outpatient , I have an assessment on Wednesday with the Prince’s Royal trust for carers. Andrena has an MRI to get on Friday to check out this nerve pain. Hospice doc is great at fast tracking , has done more in 2 weeks than gp’s have done in 6 months and more than oncologist did in 2 years. Shouldn’t really have go at them , I know they do their best with what they have, just frustrated I guess. I just needed something like this forum to sound off. We will do whatever’s necessary to relieve this awful pain and with guidance from the hospice this should be possible. Grateful for this forum and everyone who contributes such a relief to find I am not the only one although I certainly would not wish this on anyone. X
It is terrible knowing a loved one is in pain. I remember phoning anyone I thought might help my mum. I often got best advice from specialist nurse at a charity- in my case Parkinson’s UK, who advised me what to say to GP and others, to get better service