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Thank you bowlingbun for your help
Hi new to site ,I'm Peter I'm a full-time unpaid carer,my wife suffers from epilepsy, vertigo,depression, deafness with aids,musculoskeletal problems, I'm diabetic on insulin,depression, &due to problems with wrists,hands&fingers struggling to chop or peal or cut anything, we tend to live on microwave meals,being a great chef in past finding it difficult, mobility is worsen but have to plod on ,because I look after my wife they stopped my pip&carers allowance for 3yrs & just recently told I don't qualify for anything ,&I don't understand, going to appeal again,we both where abused physically, sexually as children ,so I guess we help each other,but my condition is getting worse,ptsd severe &I'm asking for help to talk to a coucillor/mental health for help but it seems it never comes,I'm trying hopefully soon adult learning activities, gardening to what I can do ,keep blanking out and fall down stairs hitting wall or stairlift,it really hurts back &legs&mobility,trying to get wife to art painting to take her mind off things ,I will help anyone as I'm a wizard of hoovering&dusting &cleaning up ,I love all animals &since civid we have been in our little prison called home ,trying to get out ,I'd love help but scared to let people in,parents are decieced&children don't want to know as got no money &can't do the things I could do anymore ,sorry its long but it's our life ,I'm peter&my wife's katrina, we live in blackburn, thankyou for listening
Welcome and good luck in 2022.