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Hi everyone. I'm new here although i care for a son who has enduring mental health struggles. I'm just shocked to learn that many carers groups for mental health in Cornwall have been stopped due to cut backs and the nearest one is a 3 hours bus ride away. Anyway i decided to find online support. Thanks.
Hello Lily and welcome
My son (22) has anxiety and self esteem issues which cause poor Decision making. Up to now we cope mainly outside the system as he doesn't fall into any criteria for help.
How old is your son?. Does he get any support at all?

What support do you have?

Hi MrsA. Thanks for the reply. My son is 38 and has suffered on and off for 25 plus years with schizophrenia.He has support and I've been looking for some too. It's a bit personal to go into detail and I'd rather speak or text in private but don't know how to do that yet. But thanks for your reply. Lily.
Thanks for the links! :D
Lily, you can learn how to send a PM by clicking on this link, ... a-pm-28531

Thanks Melly1 . You say you've been caring for your son since the age of 9? Is that when he developed these conditions? My son was 14 at the time but was diagnosed at the age of 17 with schizophrenia and is now 37. A long road but he's doing well at the moment.
Hi Lily, and welcome from me too (a belated welcome :( - been having difficulty posting)

My son has schizophrenia and we have had our ups and downs over the years. He was diagnosed at 17 and is now 36. He has tried a range of medications with varying success and now receives monthly injections. Sadly he couldn't tolerate the side effects of Clozapine, which is considered the most effective.

We have a good mental health team supporting us though this hasn't always been so. Ideas about treatment have changed - thankfully - but I wonder whether he would have done better if talking therapies had been offered when he was first diagnosed.

Wishing you all the best, and good luck finding a support group.
Hi StarFish. Thank you for your reply. It can be a long and difficult road but i am glad your son has a good team working with him. Same as my son has. He hasn't always wanted to engage with services and has had a very long stretch in hospital , 9 years to be exact. It was a blessing really because now he has had the time to mature and having been away from elicit drugs for all those years he's been able to find himself again. He is on condition he is not to start taking illicit drugs (a form of self medicating over the years). So, he is being carefully monitored by the forensic mental health team. He is now in a care home and could be there for up to 2 years before independent living which he is quite capable of if only he steers clear of the drugs. Lily