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Job Centre Interview

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Hi everyone. I am new to this site so forgive me if I'm not sure what to do. I am 52 years old and am a carer to my 61 year old partner - we've been together since 2008.
He was signed off work as disabled with arthritis in 2004 and has been in receipt of the higher rate of disability benefit.
With the changes to the benefit system, he duly attended the medical in December last year, and was again classed as unfit for work, however in this past year he has had to attend 2 interviews (his 3rd will be tomorrow) at our local job centre.
Whilst I understand that this is necessary as the government want to find out all the scroungers, it does nothing for those who are genuinely unable to go out to work through their disabilities, and just adds to the depression and feeling of uselessness that disabled people can feel.
We live in a semi rural area, where transport links are rubbish and there are very few jobs available even for those who are non disabled.
We have been clobbered with the 'bedroom tax' which has taken over £60 from our monthly income, and whilst I have been actively looking for part time work, I haven't been able to find anything suitable.
This whole situation is so depressing x
Hi Karen & welcome.

I look after my partner and because I work I have to 'keep' him even tho he has been signed off indefinitely. I feel your stress. I hope this site help, there's lots of knowledgeable people here when I am sure will offer advice

Kiki xx
Hello and thank you both for your reply.
We came out of there with my partner in tears - he just feels so inadequate and degraded.
The 'pressure' is continually about him finding work, with suggestions about work that he could 'possibly' do.
I understand why these interviews are necessary, but as he was signed off as medically unfit in 2004 and again last year and his condition means he will only deteriorate, why do they persist in this?
It's only because the government did away with the disability benefits and renamed it as Employment Support Allowance that they now expect him to 'prepare' to return to work. We're both fed up today x
It's only because the government did away with the disability benefits and renamed it as Employment Support Allowance that they now expect him to 'prepare' to return to work.
The same thing happened to my hubby too. Have you appealed against the decision to put him in the work group, as opposed to the support group?
Hi I am sorry to hear what is happening to you, what you need to do is appeal for him to be put into the Support Group then he will be able to have phone interviews only he must be in the Working related activity group which means what it says preparing for work, but don't be too afraid as this group also is not ready for work so can refuse to look for work hope this helps sorry for what is happening
This is my first ever visit. This may be something that has all ready be said to you PET, (I call every one PET, because I have a hopeless memory, hope you don't mind)
Yes as I was about to say, have you tried for the CARERS ALLOWANCE. It's not a great amount but every little helps.
Regards GRAMPS. Image
This is my first visit to the forum too. Image I have a different situation in that the DWP have written to invite me in for an interview with a view to seeing if we can be better off financially if I am in work. This despite being full time carer for my husband which includes having to get up with him in the night. Has anyone else had experience of this 'partners' interview and how much pressure is put on you to look for work? I am quite happy to go in for the interview as such but can not see how I can work when I already have so much on my plate. (Like everyone else who is a carer) I now have medical problems of my own and waiting for assessment, when I telephoned the DWP to explain this she said 'Oh that's ok you can go on ESA'.
Hi and welcome
hello those interviews are disgusting!! sorry you guys are put through that!!!!

to chelseagirl, when i had a interview with the job center the lady agreed i would be worse off at work as a carer,but did offer me courses that i could do, it was the only positive meeting i had to be honest i also asked her if atos could touch income support, carers allowance or dla and she said no, not if you have been awarded them and it's not a dla/pip assessment. i think they are standard and focused on you as a carer,
we don't get esa due to a technicality! however this is a god send as we don't get any hassle from anybody!!! we claim income support and if we did get esa we would probably have it deducted from income support anyway so we don't lose out, even carers allowance is classed as an income so if we loose that next year(by 1 point) income support will make up the difference! i suppose what im trying to say is look very closely at going on esa as if you can live without it you can save yourself some major hassle, my partner has been on dla for 2 years this april and we havn't had any hassle from anybody(lucky us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i get fed up with "professionals" telling me i should think about working, i worked all my life and was working 64 hrs a week before i quit to care for my lovely girlfriend, and i was told by income support that i would be better not working when i asked them for help......
dont worry about the interview they cant make you do anything!!!!good luck
oh and i deliberately missed the follow up interview i arranged to see if they would threaten me or write me a nasty letter. they didn't the letter said something similar to this
" sorry you missed your appointment if you need any help or advise in the future please contact......... "