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New to site

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Hello, I'm Maureen, age 67 and new to this site. I care for two people with disability. I'm so pleased to come across this site because one thing I have found is the sense of isolation a carer sometimes feels. Feelings of guilt, being able to share on a down day, even resentful at times. Being able to understand that my feelings are not unique and those feelings are shared by other carers is important and one of the ways to cope. All good wishes to all carers.
Hallo maureen and welcome to the forum.
Have a look around and feel free to post anywhere you like. If you want to ask/talk about anything specific do start a new topic, or just join in the rest of the chat.
Hi Maureen, welcome to the forum. I care for a son with SLDF and a frail elderly mum (currently in hospital). At one stage all four parents and son were entitled to DLA! We all have "down" days, in my case it's usually when I'm really tired. Now I'm kind to myself, say to hell with the housework, have a warm bath, early night, read a book, anything which helps me switch off for a while and recharge the batteries. I'm 61, now widowed. I often think "It isn't supposed to be like this!!"
Hello Bowlingbun, thank you for welcoming me to this site. I'm sorry to hear your mother is in hospital. You mention your son, is SLDF learning disability. My eldest son has severe learning disability, also autism, also epilepsy. Simon is 46 but only has a learning age of 3 years. I had Simon home most of his life but when I became I'll and then disabled myself I needed to let him go into care, so now he comes home here twice a week. I feel so much guilt when he goes back after his visits, but in truth, I wouldn't now be able to manage him for more than a few hours. I am also a widow but have a long time friend who is disabled and I care for him best I can. Luckily he only lives next next door. Thank you so much for your welcome, Maureen
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Hi Maureen, that is what is so wonderful about the forum, you realise you are not alone with how you feel. You can offload on here to people who understand what it is like & before you know it you are advising others yourself!

Thank you so much to everyone who has made me welcome. I look forward to gaining emotional support within the group, and perhaps offering the same support to others. I have been a carer for over 46 years and wish there had been something like this site when I first became a carer. It's wonderful to know that the feelings and emotions I go through on good days, and bad ones, are not unique to me, but also felt by other carers. I don't feel so alone now. Thank you. ... Maureen