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Difficult time - Carers UK Forum

Difficult time

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi I'm new to carers UK I look after 3 people in the same house hold.

1 has lung disease, heart problems and has many others different things wrong with them.
They can wash and dreess them self don't do any think else and the use a commode where I think you could walk to the toilet but lazy

The 2 person has heart problem, diebeates, and has had a amputation above the knee. Not long ago but it does not want to do any think yes it must be hard you had a leg and now it's gone but he can't get up I have to help them turn in bed. I think why do I have to do this you should be able to do all this by your self but they don't

3 person is diabetic and paralysis c5 c6. We are very close and his getting fed up with the otheres because his the who is worst off and there are no problems with him.

I just fill down in my self I hardly get any sleep any more because of the 2 nd person.
The main person I was ment to look after is the 3 rd person and I'm seem to be getting stressed out I Cooking for them all + washing,cleaning the house, look after the dog's and all the other stuff what goes with it. I think to my self what am I doing I could easy end my life some times. And the best bit is I'm not claming care allowance yet hope to get the new year in then apply. You hear people claim but the person you look after will lose some of there money and this person can't it hard now and if they did I would fill guilty.
Sounds like you need to look into getting some help mate.
This is far too much for one person to cope with on their own. Ring Carers UK office and have a chat with them.
My mate lost his leg in an accident and he did say to me that the hardest thing was to turn over in bed.

Hope 2013 is better for you Ben andwelcome to Carers UK. Their a great bunch on here and will help you no end. They have me.

Hi Ben and a warm welcome to the forum. As this is your first post I've moved it over to new members. Have you had a carers assessment to identifty your needs as a carer and have your carees had assessments to identify their needs?
No I don't no where to start when people think of social service you think what are they going to do ?
You could start by asking them for assessments for yourself and your carees.
Hi Ben, sounds like you have a got a lot on your plate. No wonder you are feeling down. You have been given some good advice though re contacting the helpline and social services.

Hello Ben, and welcome Image

Oh! you have so much to deal with, to much for one person to cope with. Stick around on the forum. You will find lots of help and support here. We all help each other.

Best wishes Ben, India.
Thank you ever 1 got intourch with Ss + they are going to bring a ot out and have a meeting all together and sort it out I just hope the otheres agree to bring in Carers because I suppose it's up to them.

What if they don't want any one else in what do I do ?
Ben, they will take your needs into consideration also. Its to much for one person to deal with. x
Hi Ben, welcome to the Forum. Help starts here. 2013 should end up a lot better than it started for you. Somehow or other, the system has completely failed you. There is so much available to help disabled people and their carers, once you know how the system works. One of the main problem is relatives telling doctors that someone will help them at home, without ever asking that someone themselves. My parents and parents in law both made our lives really difficult at times by doing this. Things which could have been arranged for them were not, as a result. Basically, their pride got in the way of admitting they were getting old and ill and needed help, but in the end trying to care for all of them as well as our son with severe learning difficulties made us ill. Much better to insist on help before this happens to you. Don't be afraid of Social Services. They have legal duties which mean that they must help those in greatest need, and their carers. The Carers UK helpline is a good place to start, they have an email service if you can't get through by phone. Before you ring them, it would be a good idea if you could make a list of who gets what benefit at the moment, as it's possible that some of those you care for may not be claiming everything. Money doesn't make people better but it certainly makes life easier. Have a good look round the forum, there's a search box in the top right hand corner if you are wondering if someone else is dealing with similar illnesses for example. Hope that helps.