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Hi Sandra and welcome Image
Hi Sandra, I'm fairly new too, but very glad I joined, have already got so much support and comfort from other members & I don't feel quite so alone now.
I have 2 girls with autism; C is 18 in a couple of weeks, but is really still a toddler, so this is very physically and mentally demanding for me & quite relentless. I love her to bits, but I never switch off. H is 16 and more Aspergers, but still pretty vulnerable. Found it difficult to hear about their cousins (same age) out on the lash this new year, when mine aren't able to leave the house alone.
Anyway, trying not to dwell completely on the negative this year...! Hate feeling full of resentment, it's a pretty powerful poison.
Take care & lots of love x Image
Hi Dasha, I know what you mean, it really hurts sometimes, when my friends and families kids are all going out to parties to celebrate Xmas and New Year and my son can barely leave his room, and also a lot of them are also learning to drive at the moment, which my son will never be able to do. Sometimes it is really hard as I have an older daughter who lives life to the full and is always away on holiday with friends and out and about, although she does also work really hard. I think it is just more sad really than anything else, but as least he is here and most of the time he is quite content with his life. I always try to be positive with him and not dwell on what he cannot do and concentrate more on what he can do and that seems to work for us.
Morning Sandra, morning all, yes, sad is the feeling I am most in touch with re: C. I am ok until I get blindsided by what other young people are able to do, and when the contrast is too stark between us and other families without disability to cope with. However, I feel lucky that C & H are such lovely kids, and we are able to have a laugh. Just a bit knackered though!
Have a good day x Image