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New to site

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi, Just wanted in introduce myself, I am a full-time carer for my 21 year old son and have been since his birth, although I love him to bits it is a really hard job and is getting harder, would love to join for a chat and a chance to vent occasionally Image
Hi and welcome Image

You will find lots of support here, and there will be others to welcome you soon Image

Pop into roll call, you will find most of us there too.
Hi welcome same here for me although my daughters nearly five so u have much more experience than me is your son at home full time take care happy new year
Hiya and welcome to the forum.
Hi sandra and welcome to the site. Feel free to post on any of the threads and, as india said, take a look at roll call in the members corner where most of us can be found.
Hi Sandra, My son was brain damaged at birth. Now 33, he can do some things normally, others are a disaster area.
Hi Sandra, welcome to the forum.

Bell x
Hi Sandra,

I care for S, he is 21 and has autism, epilepsy and IBS.

He attends a specialist college as a day student during term time.

I love him to bits, but 24 hour caring is very difficult.


Hi, thanks for your replies, well where do I start, my son has epilepsy, chronic asthma with lung problems, leaning difficulties, hyper thyroid, aspergers and most recently diagnosed with ITP (rare disorder of low platelets in the blood.) which means he bleeds easily and bruisers really easily externally and internally. He obviously attended a special school which he absolutely loved, and then when he left school he went to a special agricultural college, unfortunately he only lasted there 5 months and had to leave, ( another story for another time) currently he does not do a great deal, as he also suffers from massive panic attacks and extreme anxiety when he leaves the house or is in crowded places. Luckily he loves to go fishing with my husband and we have a large motor home, so we tend to spend most weekends away, giving me a break and him some time with his Dad which he needs and someone different to talk to other than me, as my husband works long hours all week and we do not see him alot. I look forward to speak to everyone, only another carer really understand what this is all about Image
Sandra, that's an awful lot to deal with on a day to day basis, for all of you. Do you get any regular time off during the week? Shame the farm college didn't work out, my son would have stayed at his forever if he was allowed. It's really important for his future that he is used to having other people with him at times. Social Services ought to have done a transition plan for him, and arranged a care package. Have they done a Carer's Assessment for you? The motorhome sounds great. We have a caravan and go to lots of steam engine shows most summers, only managed two this year because of the weather!