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New to here!! - Carers UK Forum

New to here!!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi everyone,
just joined today and havnt got a clue what im doing!! Hopefully it will all seem much easier in time?! Image
hoping to chat to people who know what its like to be a career....on a positive note and somedays a not so positive!!
wishing u all a good night... Image x
Hi Nicola,
Just wanted to say hello, and welcome to the forum,. they are a great
bunch of people here. nice to have you with us.
Take care
Minnie Image
Thankyou Minnie Image
just been having a look at some of the other 'chats' and could have cried...situations and people i totally understand at last!!
being a career for the last 4.5 years has been a long and sometimes lonely road so comforting to see that others know what u go through...
still trying to find my way round but happy ive got my first reply Image
thanks again.. Image
heyyyyy ,this site has been a lifesaver to me and im only new here , hope you find a lot of new friends and some great support Image
Hi Nicola and welcome to the forum from me too. We're all really nice Image Image
thanks everyone Image
having a weepy and emotional day today, feeling low and only 'fell upon' this site by accident...or maybe fate?
anyway, tomorrows another day...
thankyou all for messaging me back Image
hopefully i'll get used to this site and know what im doing very soon?! Image x
sending you Image
Welcome from me too.
Off to bed in a minute but I'll see you around I'm sure
Welcome from me too.. Lots of lovely people here x
Sorry you've had a bad day and welcome Image