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Allowable expenses to the Carers Allowance. - Carers UK Forum

Allowable expenses to the Carers Allowance.

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Found an historic post from Scally - who has moved on - that very clearly states that all forms of respite, including sports, dance classes, even cinema, are an allowable deduction on the grounds that they constitute a direct form of respite. Up to £51.00 per week, legally.
I have contacted the Carers Allowance Unit, only to be told that there is no such thing. I was not surprised by this response. I am sure if I phoned another 10 times and spoke to 10 different people i would get several differing answers.
Can anyone help. I have tried trawling the internet, but only Scally had this response.
There is nothing on the Gov.uk website - again, not surprised.
Many thanks
Hi Mark ... welcome to the canteen.

Yep , a very apt and alert poster ... known over the years on various forums ... now enjoying life on fresh pastures ...
some of his legacies ( One of which you found ) live on ... a fitting epitaph ?

Many of the " Deductions " are much easier if one is self employed as opposed to being employed. The fun starts when
the DoleMan says YES ... okay against CA ... and the TaxMan says NO ... offset against tax due on profits !!! Has been known !

Okay ... 2019 ... what can be offset against that £ 120 to enable Carers Allowance to continue ?

Pension route ?

No doubt , one of the easiest ( Provided , of course , one selects the " Right " flavour of pension ) as you have already learned.

( Definately a case of a smidgen of jam tomorrow ... £ 120 + CA still leaves ALL below the Official Poverty Line !
Even a taper on CA ...no change ... doubling CA ... just about reach that Line. )

Internet search wise ?

Lower Incomes Tax Reform Group :

https://www.litrg.org.uk/latest-news/ne ... ou-qualify

Disability and Tax ( Ancillary to the above ) ... slightly historical but still valid :

https://disabilitytaxguide.org.uk/news/ ... ou-qualify

Contact :


I note that you are aware of some other sites ... said question raised not answered by the info on them.

Carers UK Advice Team always around ... contact details follow ... best by email :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... line-24147

They might even have a standard template for that one ?

( Recent case of shop workers needing " Special " shoes to fit in with the shop's image ... cost of which now allowed against tax ! )

That's should quench your thirst ?

If it doesn't ... just yell !

The bar ( Forum ) is open 24 / 7 ... just like CarerLand ( No 9 to 5 allowed ... even if you can hear Dolly Parton belting out in the background ! ) ... occasionly we escort the drunks of the premises !

Oh yes , on the minimum wage ?

That rises in April ... the £ 120 limit rises to £ 123 ... a cut in hours to stay therein ???
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