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the medical section with caring

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Hi everyone.
I care for my husband and like a few people he comes under various hospital departments. Although I am a very lucky person with my husband's medical problems, I do find at times hospital can be a right pain, which does make the hairs on the back of my neck become active.

I have on a occasions been a little bit annoyed when TEACHING HOSPITAL is very good at teaching, but only I feel NOT always very good at explaining to the CARER what is happening in certain situations. I have been NVQ qualified in Care, with the NHS sector, so I do have some base knowledge, even though it's quite a few years ago.

Now when I see a TEACHING Hospital I automatically think, Teach the people HOW NOT to talk to the next of kin. or/and Carer as we don't know, nor would we understand the terminology/reasons as to why changes,or/and descions are being made in the patients interest.
Yeah right. I have NOT reached the stage of forgetting my name, nor have I forgotteon how to care for my husband. (now where did I put his clothes for him to get dressed. !!!!)
Hi Hilda and welcome Image
As for the hospital, give them feedback. They don't know what they're doing wrong if you don't tell them!
I have a real bee in my bonnet about people using technical terms and jargon and initials. Now, I just say "I don't know what that means. You need to explain to me". (I used to work in a hospital office in Australia many years ago, so I picked up a lot, so if I don't know how on earth would any normal person?) If they do it again, I say "You are doing it again, you MUST explain this in terms that I understand". I don't raise my voice, or sound cross (although I am inside). Our local teaching hospital now invites carers in to talk to the students about what it is like to be a carer, which is a brilliant idea.
Here's an abbreviation I learnt at hospital this week: the nurse said they put my brother TCI. It means 'to come in'!