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new to forum-''people can be so cruel'' - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

new to forum-''people can be so cruel''

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi India77,
A big "hello" from me too Image .
I'm fairly new to this forum but already feel like I'm amongst friends and you will too. As several have already said don't feel guilty for venting your feelings.
Don't forget to visit the fun & games pages, it's a great way to switch off for a few moments.

I'm just wondering if your friend is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of her mum, and all that has changed? I was widowed six years ago, so lots of people think that I'm "over it" now, but the truth is that I'm doing my best, but I'm by no means the "real" me that I used to be. I still look the same outside (although I've put on a few pounds through comfort eating) but I'm very different on the inside, much more vulnerable in all sorts of ways, without the rock of my life. Some things are a real struggle. Your mum's situation might bring back painful memories for your friend; and she might even be trying to shield you from what may happen to your own mum and you in the future. I know that you are feeling very disappointed with your friend, and understand why. With Christmas looming, why not put a note in her card that you'd like to meet up for a coffee somewhere to have a catch up on news etc.?
A valid point from bowlingbun, it's coming up to 4 years since I lost my Nan, but inside I feel very lost.
Hi everyone! I have taken all your comments on board!! Dancing in the rain, i didnt think you were being critical at all so dont worry.
Iv known my friend for many years. We saw each other every day. I know her very well, and unfortunately this isnt a case of her still grieving etc or being burnt out. If it was id know it. I almost wish it was because then it would be of course understandable.
I did speak to her a while ago and told her how hard things were but it went in one ear and out of the other. Last year my mum came home from hospital for a week, and while the district nurse was here i fell over her bag breaking a bone in my foot. i text my friend and told her what had happened, and explained my foot was swollen like a football and it was agony.....the reply......''o dear, hope you get better soon......''
So, no i wont give up just yet but, i think im flogging a dead horse.

O! i dont know how to get to the games! would love to know how!

Fun and games Image
Sorry myrtle forgot to say thanks for fun and games. Can't believe i didnt see it! Image
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