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New member: brain injury - Carers UK Forum

New member: brain injury

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My daughter is now 11 and had a brain injury, avm. She is a lot stronger now, but this has left her with a short term memory.

I called DLA and told them she has got better and no longer needs the wheelchair for long distances, any way will be brief, they sent me 2 forms around 5 days later, their decision was she is no longer entitled and I have no Ca either.

She has cognitive problems.

Anyone got any advice
It's very difficult to get P.I.P (DLA) for mental health problems I have severe combat PTSD and they wont give it to me because I'm physically in reasonably good health and my wife has very severe metal health problems which means she has to have me with her all the time as she is prone to impulsive suicide attempts which she finds almost impossible to control so I'm also her carer, she's in and out of hospital, there have been days where she has refused to even get out of bed or wash or change for 2 or 3 days and before now she has been so week from refusing to eat that I have had to carry her in my arms from the bed to put her in the bath or downstairs. Yet despite all this they tried to refuse to award her P.I.P and told her to find work. The only reason she could get it was by going to the citizens advice, the advocacy service and the doctors. The doctor provided letters explaining the condition and how it affects her, the citizens advise helped by filling in the forms and the advocacy went to the assessment with her and spoke on her behalf and in the end they had to take it to tribunal before they would award her the claim
Appeal it, email carers uk and visit your local citizen's advice bureau for help on the appeal process. Resubmit any medical evidence about her current needs, and do not underestimate any risks. Submit evidence on a worst-case-scenario basis, especially if the support she needs is variable.
You definitely need to appeal. Make sure you check the paperwork, as there is a limited amount of time you have to do this in. The thing that tends to really swing things in your favour is having a professional, whether it be a social worker or doctor/nurse/phsio, confirm how the claimants disability affects them on their worst day. If their report tallies with what you say, it cannot be disputed, so it is always useful to get a named professional on board that knows your family and situation well.
Your post caught my eye as my husband also has a brain injury. We are involved with hospital Traumatic Brain Injury services. They are the community follow up for people and their relatives who are dealing with brain injuries, do you have that service where you are? I am a member of their relatives group and have access to what services are available and they are very helpful with form filling. If they don't know anything they will always find someone who can help. There is also a group called Headway who help people and relatives of people who are dealing and caring for people with Head injury problems. You can find out if there is a local branch in your area. They are a useful resource and it helps to have as many people involved with brain injury on your side. They should be able to help you with the right words to help explain about your daughters problems, I am an ex nurse so I am fortunate in knowing the right words necessary to give the information needed on these forms. So many people struggle and fall through the net because they have not worded their answers on forms in the way that gets the true picture through. Hope this helps a little