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New to forum

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello, my name is Chris, I'm 70 and effectively the full-time carer for my partner, friend and lover (we promised 11 years ago NEVER to get married)
She is a bit younger than I am but showing signs of dementia. So far, I can cope; but I have been told to look after myself - otherwise I'll be useless for her.
Hence joining this forum. It's about being able to contact other people who actually understand.because they live with it.
So, hello to youse lot, I dare say I'll be on the forum again

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum, plenty of us on here who will understand how you are feeling, pop along to our members section where you will find roll call, it's our equivalent to a chat over the garden fence.
Hi Chris,
Welcome to the forum.

Did you know that your OH
may be entitled to Attendance Allowance
may be exempt from Council Tax since the day of diagnosis, on the grounds of severe mental impairment?
A formal diagnosis is very important, ask the GP to refer her. Very often a brain scan will show if there are signs of dementia, and if so, what sort. With that information they can then consider treatment or medication.

Have you joined the Alzheimer's Society forum? A number of people here have said it is very good.

Most importantly of all though, is the issue of finances, and ownership of where you are living.
It's really important that you gather together all of her financial information (if you haven't done so already) so that you can help her in future.
Do you have Power of Attorney sorted out, and wills?
Is your home suitable for someone with increasing needs?