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Hi All - Carers UK Forum

Hi All

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all,
I’m Jonathan and care for two severely disabled parents, my mum is 83 years old, who is now housebound and fears going out. She is blind and also suffers with acute psoriasis, and also conditions caused through the normal ageing process heart condition, blood pressure, slight dementia and depression. My father is 87 years old and is a tetroplegic, and also has fits at the drop of a hat and especially if someone new turns up. He also has a heart problem and again has slight dementia. I used to have a very well paid job as a charge nurse that I really loved and although it could be stressful it was nothing like it is now, but I cope and have been for over ten years. It has though worn me out and although I’m only 56 years old I have ended up with unstable angina, and lots of other things thrown in for good measure. I feel as though my life has been taken away but I get through and especially with a wonderful partner who never complains and in many ways I joke and say that they are my carer. I don’t have any real time for myself now and have not for quite a long time I even had to sign myself out of hospital after having major surgery on two occasions due to the demand of my parents. I do see the funny side of life though especially mine for I am not allowed to be ill; after all I don’t have time. At times I feel very frustrated by the system and I know things are never perfect but at least I wish that something could be done to help others like myself. All I have ever come across is tea and sympathy, which I don’t need and can do without. I do feel as though it’s a constant battle and especially the system it really is time something was done to help carers and think if every carer simply downed tools for the day and called social services to come take over then something would be done. Sorry for waffling on but its good to let it out sometimes!
hello jonathan

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Hi Jonathon and welcome Image
hi Jonathon

Welcome to the forum - you can let of steam as much as you like here, we all understand having been there, done that and got the t-shirts for good measure.
Some, like me, will always listen - others can give you more practical help and advice.

Thanx its good to know really appreciate that
Hello and welcome Jonathan
This place is full of some great people to help
Hi Jonathan
Welcome on board. You can waffle on as much as you want on here, we all know what you are going through.
Hi Jonathan nice to meet you and welcome to the forum:)
Thanx Jonboy I see you live at Huddersfield you live really near to where I live in Wakefield.
Good to have you with us jonathan - you have obviously been around the clock a few times caring and know the ropes. As a matter of interest, how long have you have the internet, and how did you find us? Have you been on any other boards and forums?