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Clinical depression

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Hi, I'm new here. Just wanted to write about recent experiences in coping with my elderly Mum's recently diagnosed clinical depression particularly as I may need guidance on seeking the best care solutions.

My Mum is 91 and has been in relatively good health, apart from sight loss due to MD (believe the clinical depression stems from this) and recurrent UTI's. Over the last 11 months confusion and memory loss presented almost a "pseudo-dementia" and she is now in hospital, the result of sudden weakness and confusion, and is on anti-depressants, which, currently, seem to be making the situation worse rather than better. Morbidity is just awful.

Mum is on DP's, with brilliant carer support, but whilst I would love to have her cared for at home on discharge from the hospital am unsure how that would meet 24/7 needs and demands and whether it is possible to achive this on NHS funding intermediate care. Has anyone any similar experience?
no, I'm sorry I dont, but I wonder if anyone else can help you
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Hello Mary, welcome, i am new here too.

Can I ask how long your Mother has been on antidepressants? My partner is a sufferer of Bipolar, and i care for him, i am also on antidepressants. From my experience they can actually make you feel worse for a while (particulary SSRI's) before they make you feel better. I have seen the effects on both myself and my partner, so if there is anything I can help you with just yell.

Best wishes A xx
Thanks for your replies. Well, my mother was on an SSRI, citalopram for 8 days, the crying did stop but she has had terrible side effects, so much so that she is dehydrated and has been on a drip in hospital for the last 2 days and is not eating. The Consultant has now taken her off them - heavens knows where we go from here. When I visit all I hear is "Oh dear" and "Please" - she is real turmoil and it is very upsetting to see. I have called in as much support as I can muster and am visiting 3 times a day at present.