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New to forum

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My Name is Malcolm and I care full time now for my wife Annie.

She has Chronic Parkinson's and had a Deep Brain Stimulation operation at Radcliffe in Oxford;

She had that to try to stop the diskonesia which is where you body moves about and you can't stop it;

Also, to help her very strong rigidity she suffers;

However, the diskonesia is quite a lot better. But the rigidity is still quite bad.

She used to "freeze" as well; where she couldn't move until her brain sent a message for her to be able to move again;

Now she can't walk anywhere and has to use a wheelchair around the house and a mobility scooter when we go out; If she tries to walk, she falls over and this is really dangerous.

She has also got where she doesn't want to go out.. because her face freezes and it makes her look as she says 'Strange' and it also affects her speech;

If she tried to speak on the telephone, people can't understand her.

She can't cook anymore, because she drops things and again there is the falling.

She can't dress herself without help from me and I have to bath her and wash her hair ect;
HI Malcolm, welcome to the forum. You have a lot to contend with, are you claiming all the benefits which you are entitled to? Carers UK has a brilliant helpline if you are not sure. Have you asked Social Services for a Needs Assessment for your wife, and a Carers Assessment for you. It's so important that you get some regular time off to keep yourself well. Can I suggest that you don't use your real names, just for the sake of security.