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Hi my name is mally, I care for my husband who I have been informed he has early onset VD, at times I am so confused because he is so normal, it is his aggression I have noticed really, but sometimes so normal I wonder if they have got it wrong. Has anyone else had this please.
Welcome. My only advice is to keep a notebook and discuss how your husbands behaviour is affecting YOUR health and wellbeing. But yes VD can cause aggressive behaviour and mood changes especially if your husband is in denial.

Try to take care of yourself too. There is a forum called Talking Point where you can advice and information on various kinds of dementia.

You do have my total sympathy as the personality changes and constant 'walking on eggshells' is pretty hard so try to get support if you can.
Hi Mally, welcome to the forum,
Can I ask how old your husband is? Make sure you claim everything you are entitled to, so you can maximise the help you can get. He may be exempt from Council tax now. Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, so if in doubt email them and they will give you the very best advice.
Also ask Social Services for a Carers Assessment.