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Hi, I'm new to posting on these forums..I really need some advice. I put in a claim for carer's allowance for looking after my mum 7 weeks ago, and though I've not had a official DWP letter yet, my CA went in bank and got awarded it and got back pay, but what is, I made mistake of applying for income support a couple of weeks ago before I knew I was going to get CA.. anyway I got a phone call back from dwp and they asked me these awkward questions what I do to look after mum etc.. I must've answered wrong cos I got turned down.. despite me telling them everything I did.I look after her 35 hours a week.. well over that.. (I share the care with my dad as well, but he has bad health himself.. he had a stroke a couple of years ago and he's not been same since mentally.. so my mum needs me more cos her sight has got worse due to shingles, she is partially sighted as well as other things) but it also said on the letter if I got awarded CA I could claim again.. but I don't want to go through shame of getting turned down again. Should I have waited till I officially got awarded CA before I claimed IS or should I have not bothered at all? I explained everything I did for mum,but they said I don't care for her "substantially enough'". I can't work full-time as both my parents need me, so should I just not bother and look for a part time job? They made me feel really ashamed at jobcentre and made me feel like benefits scrounger :( sorry this is so long, just I'm really upset. Please help. Thanks x
Unfortunately, many DWP staff are now inexperienced and don't understand the rules about CA. You are one of many with similar problems. Contact our CUK helpline and they will give you all the information you need to challenge the decision. Those entitled to CA are not required to look for work.
Have both your parents had a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and you, a Carers Assessment? It's really important that you have regular time off from caring.
Ashamed? Good Lord, do you not realise the NHS and Social Services would totally COLLAPSE were it not for family carers! If 'we' all went on strike, they don't have ANYTHING near enough professional care-workers to do HALF of what family carers do!

But, don't for a minute think they don't know that - that's WHY they try and bamboozle you, as they have done now, to try and make YOU feel 'bad' about even DARING to think yourself eligible for Carer's Allowance!

So, don't even THINK of feeling 'ashamed' when it's THEY who ought to be ashamed for shortchanging family members, paying them a PITTANCE for what they do (think about it - my mother in law now pays a HUNDRED pounds a DAY to be looked after in a residential care home! How do you think THAT stacks up against the paltry amount that family carer's get - a measly £62 a week.......)

I hope others here can guide you through the ludicrous minefield so that you can get that 'pittance' that you so richly deserve, for taking over what the state refuses to pay for.....

All the best to you -
Hi and thanks for replying.. no we've not had any carer's assessments etc.. we've pretty been much on our own since my dad had his stroke two years ago.. he's been in and out of hospital with heart and anxiety issues.. and mum can't go out on her own now cos of her sight.. so I've packed in work to help dad out more. but if I don't get get anything from dwp I'll have to look for part time work.. i don't to.. but they make u feel so ashamed for applying for benefits.. it's unbelievable.
Your parents will have paid tax and national insurance for years, so that IF they needed help when they were old, it would be available. Benefits are NOT charity, but a payout similar to any insurance. Our CUK helpline will explain it all in detail to you.
Now contact Social Services for those Needs and Carers Assessments. Then you will find out what help is available locally.
"but they make u feel so ashamed for applying for benefits.."

Er, if you've been in work and paid NI, repeat after me 'BENEFITS ARE NOT CHARITY - they are not 'bestowed' upon you by some kind of 'generous' government. THEY ARE ARE NATIONAL INSURANCE. Get the word INSURANCE nailed into you head. Insurance pays out when you have paid in PREMIUMS. ie, you only get insurance payouts IF you've paid your premiums.

Time the DWP had that nailed into THEIR heads.....

Even if you've only paid two weeks of premiums, and you need to make a valid claim, then the insurance company PAYS OUT. (It pays out from the premiums that other customers have paid in but have never needed to make a claim)

(If you've never paid NI, got yourself pregnant eight times in a row or whatever by ten different blokes or whatever, and simply want a free council flat, THEN that's when the recipients are 'getting something for nothing out of the British taxpayer.)

(But the REAL people who are 'getting something for nothing out of the British taxpayer is the GOVERNMENT - think of the money they are xxxxxing away on the Brexit negotiations, on HS2, ministerial duckponds etc etc etc......THEY are the ripoff merchants!!!!!)
Hi all and thanks for your advice.. I'll look more into the income support before I dive in again.. and yes I've paid my stamp etc for past eight years (I'm 35) so i deserve something.. I really want to be there for my parents, they come first before anything. Again, thanks :)
Have you actually submitted a form for Income Support/ESA? Once your CA is through, if you meet the other qualifying criteria, you won't be expected to "look for work".
Yeah I applied over the phone for IS, I had a jobcentre appointment other week for it, but I got a phone call from DWP wanting more info.. but like I say I must've said the wrong things about what I do for mum, and I said I shared care with dad ( as I live with both of them) but the woman caught me off guard with the awkward questions they asked.. I also said mum does a little bit of mopping up in kitchen, just to keep herself moving.. but I think they were saying she had to be in bed and not be able to do anything for herself before they'd give me anything. I've got my carers allowance in bank but not had official DWP letter yet,I applied online for that.
If mum is receiving Attendance Allowance and you are receiving Carers Allowance then it's NOT up to the Jobcentre to review anything at all about your eligibility for those. If you have limited savings and no other income over about £116 then you are entitled. It's a problem with the Job Centre staff. Our Carers UK will give you "chapter and verse" from DWP's own handbook for you to give them and make a successful claim. Just contact the Helpline by email, and they'll give you what you need.