New to dementia journey

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Thinking of you today Pet.
Me too.

Don't see anything odd in planting out new plants that have arrived. Much better than sitting brooding. Glad you got some sleep. Don't feel under pressure to conform to what other people think you should be doing or feeling. Trust your instincts and do what feels right for you. Hope today goes as well as is possible

Love and hugs
Ditto what nhshater said so well.
(((Hugs)) to, you, hubby and family Pet
(((HUGS))) Pet. It is OK to do whatever feels right for you. Anything that can help you and your family get through this. We are all here for you.
Thanks for the compliment Mrs A.

As someone who's usually accused of jumping in with their size 10s and not thinking before speaking, that means a lot to me.
Strange to find my old thread. I cant read it though. Far to painful. I wanted to but left it.
My ' end of dementia start of? Indicates am still having ups and downs. Just over 5months since he passed. Hard to believe!
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