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New to dementia journey

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Good point BB, it would be cheaper for additional funding to support his needs in the Home than to keep him in hospital - an argument they will all like.

(((Pet66))) there's always a battle for our carees isn't there, no wonder we often feel exhausted.

Hubby still in hospital. His health issues jump from one thing to another. Potassium levels are all over the place. A specialist is looking for any connection between the dementia, and the brain not working the body properly? Its very perplexing, and torment for the family. We all agree he is in the right place at the moment.
The nursing home, well, I'm very disappointed with the nursing staff, and maybe management. Not a whisper from them. Usually if hubby is in hospital for a while, someone contacts me. Considering relatives are told they are as important, cared about etc, its really proving to be a rubbish statement.I don't want their care, but.....
The carers, ask my friend if she knows how hubby is, to be fair to them.
Cried my eyes out the other evening, at the film Notting Hill. A happy ending. Mine isn't going to be. Fortunately, had happy beginning.
(((HUGS))) from me. Thank goodness the family are all supporting you, but it's awful for all of you.
Hi Pet, sorry you are really going through so much, could the potassium be linked to kidneys? I think I read a lot about potassium levels when I kept googling about kidney disease.
Finding the situation very tough. A meeting is planned for Tuesday, with our daughters, consultant, social worker. Maybe after that I can settle as much as ever will be possible. Poor hubby, his quality of life is so poor now. I hope in his dementia mind he doesn't realise that. I'm struggling to see him in the state he is, and although I know its very sad , the guilt monster is kicking me. I shouldn't be clock watching when with him.
(((Pet, hubby and family)))

Pet, hubby probably has no idea, thankfully.
And of course you will feel sad and upset seeing anyone, let alone a dearly loved partner in such a situation. It's only natural to wish to be there as little as possible. Many others would have 'run for the hills' long ago.
Please stop feeling so guilty.... no one could love more than you do
I think we would all find your position difficult. You have been a 5* wife to your husband and your love for him shines through your posts. Can only send hugs.
We had the meeting with consultants and other agency's. Hubby's health apart from the dementia is declining and will continue to do so. Another competent nursing home to be found. As hubby is,at the moment responding to treatment seems hospice isn't suitable( yet). I just about held it together, my DDs appeared strong. Not that I couldn't see the pain they felt. Its watch this space, and see if the goal posts change again. Seem to all the time. Limbo as usual. Can't really say how Im feeling.
As my partner is always saying.. life is so uncertain. I admire you for sticking with it. I’m afraid a lot of people don’t manage it, and you are. It seems obvious to me that sometimes you will feel numb, and sometimes flat, and sometimes bored etc. My dad has vascular dementia and I love and care about him very much, that doesn’t stop me feeling all manner of things at different times. I realise it’s very different from a partner, but it sounds like it’s important for him to have appropriate care, and to feel he hasn’t been abandoned. Maybe it’s a lot more distressing for you now, than for him? Sometimes I think part of the dementia protects people from too much reality? I hope all goes all well as poss. with this next phase
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