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New to dementia journey

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Hi Pet, you sound better already!! Guilt is so mean, and we just shouldn't have to own up to it. You are doing the best you can, and judging from what you have said, you are extremely understanding and thoughtful. Your husband is lucky. Use as much support from your family as you can get, and try to remember that whatever your husband says or does, he can't help it. This doesn't make it any easier but perhaps you can refocus your frustration and arrange to have some time off.
Hi Jojo
Thank you for your kind words. Fortunately, my family are really supportve. Share the visiting with me as much as possible.
19 old grandson is quite amazing with hubby. My daughters are daddy's girls! I find it harder when hubby is in hospital to take a day off. Many hospitalisations too. Although I've been on the forum for 3years I still keep the title, new to dementia journey, because the declines etc are sort of new.
If the treatment hasn't worked by tomorrow, poor hubby will have to have a sigmoidoscopy. I think they will have to sedate him though, because he may not understand what's going on and start to fight it. Hoping the re positioning of the flatus tube has made a difference.
(((Hugs))) to you Pet; poor hubby.

Any news Pet?
Yesterday Hubby's tum deflated after re alignment of the flatus tube.Today his tum was distended something chronic. So a sigmoidoscopy or similar will have to be performed. Tomorrow. Very anxious I must admit.
Sorry to hear that :(
Hope he bounces back, he's done it often before
Sadly hubby isn't going to bounce back this time. Nothing more can be done, and he is on palliative care. Once the plan is in place he will go back to the nursing home. End stage dementia, as well as the fact he is too frail for surgery or sigmoidoscopy.
I've cried, told our daughters, and now, how do I feel?!
My feelings last week were it wasn't going to be good.
Oh dear Pet.
Very mixed feelings I imagine. Some bereaving already done, but still sad news.
Am sure you will still be his champion and carer to ensure this time passes as painlessly as possible for him.
We, of course, are here for you

Just to say thinking of you and your daughters and sending a very big hug to you all.
Love Joan x
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