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New to dementia journey

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BB, hope you are feeling a little better today.I know the fight still goes on.
I arrived to hubby today, to see him being wheeled out of the ward. He was being taken to the discharge lounge. Hospital staff had informed the home. This was at 12.30. To this moment no one from the nursing home has informed me! As hubby was so pleased to see me, and once again wondered how on earth I had found him, I went to the discharge lounge with him. Its a massive hospital, and the wards and lounge are at least 20 mins apart. That's with the nurses going at a fast pace! Hubby thought it funny that I was almost running beside him. Stayed a while, then needed to ask how to get back to the main hospital, as the route is underground. I was so lucky, as a nurse had to fetch someone from the reception who needed a wheelchair, the hospital sort. The sister in charge said if I sat in it the nurse would be allowed to take it. I felt such a fraud, but very grateful. Wheeled all the way back like a VIP. Some thoughtful staff around. Enabled me to get the bus in time, then the 2nd bus.
As far as the staff at the home, well they haven't considered letting me know! I could be on my way to the Hosp, or a family member, for all they know or care. Probably have the ' I can only apologise' when I say.
Good news, though, hubby being discharged, till the next time!!
Saw hubby today. In the lounge. Was told that he had a choking episode again at tea time yesterday. On some bread. Now, its been decided that he has to have someone with him when eating. If he doesn't want to be in the lounge, then staff will have to stay in his room if family aren't with him. We try to be with him at lunch times between us, but not tea.
Was a pleasant visit. Sad, but pleasant. Hide my sadness.
Hi Pet,
Good they are taking his tendency to choke seriously and have a plan in place. Glad you had a pleasant visit, (((hugs))) re the sadness.

Hubby back to the hospital again. The bowel problem. They probably will check the potassium levels too. On and on it goes.
Sorry to hear that Pet.
They should give him "frequent flyer" points :D
Seriously though, it's good that the Home notice these things and take action . And its more proof he has medical needs

Bread is one of the easiest things to choke on and best avoided. If you really can't do without you can soak it in soup and eat it that way or there are frozen ready meal sandwiches which puree the bread. Sounds and looks disgusting but my partner likes them.
Thank you for the info. Hubby is back in hospital because of his twisted bowel problem, and possibility of his potassium levels being low again.
The last time he choked it was on some mince. A piece that had gone hard in cooking. Cheap mince! He is on soft food options and is supposed to have lots of gravy or sauce.Tender meat and veg he is fine with. Poor hubby he has so many health issues as well as the dementia and only use of his right hand because of the strokes. Still has spirit thank goodness. Keeping mine up is the problem sometimes. But I try!
Just a warning.

I thought my partner was choking on a piece of food but it turned out he was having a heart attack. The paramedics were about to leave when I mentioned he'd been complainng of chest pain earlier that day. They had a very immediate change of plan. Because he also has dysphagia his heart attack was very nearly missed.

Not helped by the fact we'd always believed whatever else was wrong with him, his heart was strong.
Hubby is still in hospital. The treatment isnt working as quickly this time, in regard to the blockage. Hoping when I visit today there is improvement. Tried phoning last night, and was told to phone back at 7.30. Then I couldn't get through. Had a heart wrenching moment on Tuesday, for a couple of minutes he didn't know who I was. The nurse asked him and he said he didn't know. Possible that he couldn't think of the word wife because he told her my name when she asked.
See what today brings. Had an anxious few hours but then did manage some sleep.
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