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New to dementia journey

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Ended up telephoning the home at 11.50 last night. The out of hours Doctor had examined hubby. Said to call his GP today, as he saw no immediate rush to hospitalise. I phoned this morning, but I couldn't understand whether the nurse meant his G P would be contacted if hubby needed that, or the GP would see him anyway. So took myself to the home. The GP had seen him, said to monitor symptoms, as hubby cannot keep being sent in and out of hospital. Seems not much can be done for hubby's tummy problems. Spoke to the manager, who said we need some sort of plan. Maybe a district nurse going to hubby to treat. He was in his chair, happy to see me. Not eating very much but some. So that's where we are at for the time being. Phone ringing will certainly make me jump.
Hi Pet
It may be that going back and forth to the hospital no longer improves things for your husand and may just be stressful or uncomfortable for him with no benefits. Try and focus on keeping him comfortable and rememeber to get enough sleep yourself.
Hubby back in hospital. A different one this time. Must be that the Queen Elizabeth is so so busy. Hopefully it's just for the clearing of bowel again, as his observations are fine. His tummy looked as though it could explode! At least something instead of nothing we can do. I'm still a bit shocked from last week when he was very ill and was touch and go.
Oh Pet, not a lot of let up at the moment for you, is there. Glad hubby's obs are fine. Is it more difficult for you to visit him at thus other hospital?

Hi Melly
Definitely not much let up at the moment. Not helped this morning by not even able to locate the whereabouts of hubby. Tried the hospital was told he was being admitted to. ( Alexandra) No reply, Tried the one he usually goes to, no reply. Tried the nursing home, a carer answered, but wasn't sure, would get the nurse to phone me back. Phoned the main reception, to speak to the general manager. Told she would contact me. In the meantime, DD managed to get through to the Queen Elizabeth, where is is usually admitted. Only just admitted to a ward, not even taken by ambulance till 3am this morning. Back to the usual ward, where at least they know him. I'm all rung out. In the meantime the home have contacted me to say where he is.
To be honest I am not even sure I feel up to visiting now. Will see.
Pet, we had similar problems with mum. Twice we had to use the 999 service just to find out where mum was, as she lived midway between Bournemouth and Southampton, and was usually taken to the one with the shortest ambulance queue!!

If you don't feel up to going, then don't go. Your health has taken a hammering in the last few weeks, you are no good to hubby if you get ill.
Still thinking of you, take heart that if it had been that urgent someone would have rung to tell you his whereabouts sooner.
Oh Pet, that does sound stressful, unnecessarily so! You know to listen to your body, your heart and your head xxx
Update, Hubby being discharged back to the nursing home. Tum ok again. How long for is another matter. Must admit I am drained.
I twisted my back taking things upstairs too. Foolish me. It's ok, I have taken a painkiller, the niggling has eased off. It made my mind up to leave visiting today. Need some emotional strength gain too.
Pleased to hear he's going back to the home again.
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