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New to dementia journey

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So sorry to hear that Pet. You are in my thoughts xx
Pet, thinking of you, hubby and family. (((hugs.)))

Hubby has rallied round a little Showing fighting spirit too. He is very poorly, still, with fluid on the lungs plus all his other ailments. My daughter's went home this afternoon, and I stayed till 8pm. As he has improved I felt I could get home, try to rest and face tomorrow. The hospital have phone numbers to contact us.
Pet, you definitely need to try and get a good night's rest. Sounds like hubby is holding his own. He is in the best place for him, right now. Take care,

Pet sending you some forum vibes of support, I hope today is less stressful for you .
Thinking of you.
Thanks everyone.
Hubby is on the up!!! Not on oxygen, not on potassium, still on antibiotic drip. His observations have been stable the last few times. Very very sleepy and looking frail but obviously still stubborn. He even had a bit of laughter with me and our DDs which was so lovely. He isn't out of the woods yet but so much more hope.
CT scan tomorrow on his bowel.
I'm emotionally exhausted, and my family are. Going to have something to eat now, don't know what but must, then try and settle.
That sounds more positive. Glad you all had such a lovely visit. Easy tea tonight, even beans and cheese on toast, just something to fill you up and perhaps a tipple too, to help you relax.

Glad to hear that Pet.
Thanks for thinking to let us know, I personally always worry when we don't hear
Yesterday's visit was ok. ( Hospital) Hubby was extremely sleepy, but apparently had restless nights. Spoke a little to us then kept drifting. Had eaten a little too.
He now has to have the swallowing test. Much brighter today and once the test is completed he could be discharged back to the home. A very scary time.
In the meantime I have emailed the manager, explain that if I have any concerns about hubby's health again, I want his observations completed promptly. If I am wrong then that can only be good. My instinct told me he was really poorly and to be fobbed off that he was just tired was wrong. I still feel dreadful that I didn't insist. Only the fact I telephoned when I arrived home with the concern. I feel they know they were wrong, because I have had the flannel of hubby being lucky to have me blah blah. No, I'm lucky to have him, but luck has nothing to do with the situation. They won't do it again because I will be stamping my feet if they don't act promptly. Will get an ambulance myself which won't go down well. The other situation I mentioned, was the attitude of the night sister. She snapped at me ( I wasn't being sensitive) just any news and what ward was he on. PHONE THE HOSPITAL she snapped. I didn't take note of her name foolishly, but that won't happen again either. I don't deserve to be spoken to like that.
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