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New to dementia journey - Page 83 - Carers UK Forum

New to dementia journey

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
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It's hard to keep one's spirits up when tiredness just becomes so overwhelming and with such little respite in sight.
Do you have a special friend whom you can phone or meet up with occasionally to just talk about anything and everything?
It does help.
But keep on talking to us all here.
I have 3 really good friends. I'm hopefully meeting one a week today for late breakfast and catch up. We have a little chat about hubby, her sister who has had a heart transplant then we chat girly chat or whatever. It's not good to keep on about the downs in life.
Have a good family too.
I've chatted for 3years on the forum!!
Apologies! As a relative newbie I wasn't trying to be patronising. I just care,
Ambie, have you seen how long this thread has been going and who started it? Perhaps you shouldn't say "Keep talking to us here" before you know that!
Your kindness is appreciated though.
I didn't think for one moment that anyone was being patronising! I really appreciate the forum. Helps to get emotions down. Maybe should change the title from new to Dementia journey? However each step can feel " new". Have been told that my thread is helpful to others in a similar position, as some people join, but never reply.
This applies to all of the threads, not just dementia related.
Kindness is definitely appreciated, and helpful advice about the practical side of caring..

Hubby is back at the home now. Poor man, most of the time was spent in A&E, then waiting for discharge papers. I say poor man, but the night nurse phoned me at 9pm to say he had not long arrived back, and you would think he had not been hospitalised. Luckily in a good mood. He, in all probability won't remember today that he had been in hospital. Who knows?
The consultant would like a colon specialist to see him. I am going to try not to fret about that for the time being.
Yes, sorry, Pet and Ambie - I overreacted to that. I am a bit touchy about the use of 'we' on forums.
I'm really worried tonight. Had a lovely greeting from hubby today. Then within an hour he declined. I told staff and nurses that I was worried. Kept being told he was probably tired because of being in hospital. When I got home I phoned to ask if his obs were ok. His stats, ( oxygen levels are low) . They phoned 111 who eventually sent a doctor. He's had to go to hospital apparently needs oxygen. Gone to A& E with a member of staff. Im cross with myself for not pushing harder, and feel the staff were a bit slow. I member of staff asked if I was worried because he hadn't eaten dinner. No!! Then earlier on was told he had eaten his evening food and drinking. Oh dear, what's happening now?
Stop beating yourself up so!!!
Signs and symptoms are not obvious in the circumstances. I'm having similar discussions with my brother over Mum, is it an infection/another stroke/just her age? No one knows for sure and everyone, you included has done right in the situation. I know you will worry until you know what it is, but it's nothing you've caused or could have prevented. You are a loving, caring wife and he is lucky to have you in his corner.
Hubby very poorly. Been asked to get to the hospital. Just waiting for my daughter as her husband can take us.
Be in touch
Mrs Average "Stop beating yourself up so!!!"

It's just something that seems to be ingrained in human nature.
The 'Guilt Monster' with a cudgel ever ready :D
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