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New to dementia journey

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
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I hope it is a relief tonhave him back where his needs are known.

My mother is still in hospital and wont be home for at least week. Stressful times.
Just need to write this down. Hubby was very cross with me when I visited today. Somehow thought I was late. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he asked me if I thought he was sitting there for his health!! I said you shouldn't shout at me, you naughty man,which made him laugh. ( I would never call him a naughty man pre dementia, and certainly would have been cross for being shouted at). All over in a couple of moments but it still startled me. Keep telling myself at least he still has spirit. Felt a bit guilty at at leaving, as he had fallen asleep.
Pet that's a good way to think about it - that he still has feelings inside him, and spirit and ability to express them (however much you didn't deserve it....). It is surely better than 'apathy.....

I'm glad you were able to make him laugh, and I'm sure that lifted both your moods.

It's all so, so poignant....
Hubby back to the hospital! I didn't expect it this time, as he was comfy and happy today. Eating well. Apparently has vomited twice and the para medics decided he should go. Must admit I cried when put the phone down. More as it wasn't expected I think.
https://forum.alzheimers.org.uk/?_ga=2. ... 1537365714

This is another forum where you have the opportunity to talk to others experiencing problems caused by Dementia. You may be able to offer helpful comments yourself?
Thank you for the link. Although hubby's dementia is a heartbreak and a worry to me and my family.,it's the problems with his potassium and blocked bowel that is the bigger concern at the moment. On going sadly. The staff at the nursing home do the correct thing in contacting the medical service. It's me, feeling weary with it all. Love my husband very much but it feels like a long goodbye.
I'm not ready to join another forum but am so pleased I found this one.
Phoned the nursing home just before midnight. After trying before with no reply. A night staff was with hubby, still in A&E from what I gather. The nurse promised to phone with any news, otherwise leave it till just before 8am today. True to his word he phoned. Hasn't heard a word from the night staff and couldn't get through to A&E. So here I am, waiting for news,. In limbo again, hardly slept, and a dreadful headache too. I can't get through to A&E so will hang fire for a while then try the home, / hospital again.
I'm so very sorry for all the heartache you are experiencing.[urlhttp://pinoyelvensmith.blogspot.com/2007/01/poetry-words-for-it-by-julia-cameron.html][/url]

I wish there were more than words to comfort you. You have my thoughts and prayers. :)
(((HUGS))) Pet, so worrying.
Thank you both.
I'm very tired today and that doesn't help does it. However it seems that hubby is being discharged back to the home today, although the home haven't been informed yet. The hospital are waiting for the paperwork etc. Let's hope it's not too late for him to leave. Will see him tomorrow all being well.
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