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New to dementia journey

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
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Would rather have company, chores can wait
Think this should be the forum's new motto Pet
After I was widowed, I found the evenings hardest, so I went out and about during the day, and housework in the evening. It worked for me.
Hubby still in hospital. Different ward. Doing more precautionary tests from what I gather. Deep down I am anxious, but I know he is in the right place. There for a good few hours today and feeling shattered.
Pet, I always hated mum being in hospital, so many different staff, and with a new admission, no one knew her very special needs. I'm sure that's why it's so stressful. At least in the home more people know him.
It's the worry and stress that's shattering Pet.
Hope you get a good nights sleep, and look after yourself xx
Haven't been to the hospital today. ( Guilt monster go away!!) I half expected hubby to be discharged and was waiting for the phone call. After trying to get through for over 3 hours, I finally managed it. Nurse said he is fine, topping up potassium level, even though he has been sent back to the home with less reading than it is now. I was disappointed for a few minutes, but having to remind myself that it's hubby's best interests. Possibly Monday now. It wasnt the pottasium levels he was hospitalised for, but the swollen tum, kink in bowel problems. So it goes, on and on.
I've managed to do some of the long overdue chores, not all because was unsettled. Having a cuppa now, then may chip away at more. May not,as I am quite weary again. Slept ok.
Take care of yourself Pet - yes, he is in the right place. Thinking of you today.
Hubby discharged today. Was just about to leave to visit him at the hospital. Glad I had the call before. Didn't go, because he may have left by the time I arrived. Stayed home, my left side has been hurting,( through coughing maybe). Home phoned me, he was settled in his room, watching TV quite happy. So another crisis over. For the time being. That's not being negative, just realistic. .
Glad to hear that Pet
Glad hubby is back in his own room, with people who know him.

Hope you feel better soon.

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