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New to dementia journey

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
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It's good it was a positive experience. So so sad though....but you coped with grace and love, and what else can we do when tragedy afflicts us?

Kindest wishes, Jenny
Oh dear. Hubby sent to hospital again. Swollen tum. Was really swollen today. He was in a pleasant mood though.
Unfortunately he his being difficult at the hospital, won't let them examine him. May, possibly have to give him a mild sedative? Afraid it's wait and see time again.
Life would be so dull without all these roller coasters ;) :roll:
HUGS Pet. Such a difficult journey, it's vital that they work out what is wrong.
Phone call at 8am from the home. The night nurse said he would wait until a decent time before phoning, which was thoughtful. Not that I slept too well. Hubby been admitted to a ward. Because the devil would not let the A& E examine him. Seems they felt best to go to a ward, have a sleep, and try again today. Possible he was hungry too?? Fed up feeling this morning to be honest.
Hi Pet,
(((Hugs))) to you. Hope they are able to examine him ok today. Could be the constipation again....

Oh Pet so sad to read this. I do hope he lets them examine him today but at least he is in the right place. May simply be constipation but it needs checking. Hugs from me too.
Thanks for all the hugsand replies. It really helps.
Hubby allowed the doctors to examine him today. Yes, a flatus tube needed again. Poor hubby,( I wish I could tell him off!!)
They checked his potassium levels too.Although it was above the worrying level, they have topped it up, whilst in the ward. Already much higher. Possibly will be discharged back to the nursing home tomorrow. If he hadn't been difficult, he may have had the treatment much earlier, but there you go, that's the blasted dementia. Hubby was a man who was never difficult whatever treatment he may of needed, even if he always had man flu when sniffle of a cold lol. I'm weary again. Something that's going to have to be faced periodically, as well as decline, but ,oh it does tug at me each time.
2 of my grandsons called in brought the dog,which was a lovely distraction. Doesn't matter but I haven't cleaned up now from getting the tree etc down. Furniture and ornaments need putting back. Would rather have company, chores can wait.
Sorry to hear of your difficult start to the New Year for you and hubby. xxxx
Pet, I managed to get the decorations down, boxed up and in the shed before M went back. No.1 vacuumed up all the needles in the lounge (!) but he took the tree outside via the conservatory, and only realised after he'd put the vacuum away. I still haven't vacuumed them up.
Can anyone tell me where the stray decorations hide??? Every year, I say "I think I've managed to put everything in the boxes this time" yet still I find some later.
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