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New to dementia journey

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
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Just posted and lost it. Grr
Won't do the longish post again, but it was very noticeable today that hubby's short term memory is getting shorter, and I felt the emotional pain quite badly. Especially as the last few visits have been good.
(((Hugs Pet)))
Hi Pet, just sending my good wishes. It is never easy at this time of year when someone you love is losing their memory. Just sending hugs for you.

Am with you Pet. We went and saw Mum at the weekend. She rang yesterday to say what a nice young man I had introduced her to. That "nice young man" is her grandson - she didn't recognise him. :cry: but at least she remembered we had been :roll: and she got the phone number right :) -she had been telling me her phone only dials my brother's number!

It's so sad isn't it?
We just try to remember the good times but it is hard

Struggling a bit with the time of year. 4th Xmas without hubby at home. It doesn't get any easier. If I hear that song. " All I want for Christmas is you" I will scream!
Hubby doesn't realise it the 4th Xmas. He seems to think he has only been (wherever his mind is at the moment ) for a week.He doesn't seem unhappy, only when his personal needs are being sorted. It is tiring, however, trying to keep up with his mind. Even over seeing his care can be wearing.
Hope this isn't reading as woe is me, because that's not the intention, but to write down how I feel.
Not just you Pet. So many people I loved entertaining will be missing this year. We don't forget.
I think it is important you continue to share your thoughts and feelings, not just for your own well-being, but for all those who follow your journey and who may just be starting theirs.

Enjoy your family, hubby would understand
Agree with Mrs A - please share your thoughts with us.

A lot of us struggle with this time of year.Friends ask what our plans are and some do not seem to realise how limited they are given how 'difficult' husband is now not eating his steak at our favourite restaurant. I guess we just have to take a very deep breath at times.....
Christmas and New year better than I hoped for. Not that I didn't feel sad that Hubby in the nursing home almost oblivious to festivities. In a way it made it easier to visit. Today I went to him. He was in bed, staff said he had been agressive. He wasn't with me, thankfully, really pleased to see me. I dared to ask if had been in a mood, and he said no lm fine. Staff bought his dinner, which he started to eat in bed. Then, a nasty choking fit again. I pressed the emergency button and staff arrived promptly. So frightening to watch someone choking that you can't help. Was sorted out thank goodness. I asked for ice cream for him as he loves that. We watched some TV then he went to sleep looking quite peaceful.
I went to DD2 for a lovely dinner , with a glass of wine. We played games of youngest Grandsons choice, lots of fun. Then watched Dr Who. My hearing, which isn't the best, has been affected by the virus I'm fighting, which could have spoiled things if I allowed. Have to make the best of good things, which I am learning.
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