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New to dementia journey

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Much nicer visit yesterday. Hubby up, clean and tidy , comfy in his chair. Happy to see me. Said a thing he often says, " how on earth did you find me?!" Staff shortage again but the agency were very sweet, and worked hard. Poor girls, were being very bossed about by the regular member of staff. Not wishing for another upsetting day, I just rolled my eyes at them. I possibly will mention it to the manager ( she wasnt in yesterday) because some agency, quite frankly are useless. If the home needs agency staff these 2 young ladies should be back!! I will think about that one!
Feeling a little more easy.
That sounds much more cheering! :)
Oh dear. DD1 just phoned. Hubby going back to the hospital again. His tummy has been swollen again, but he been eating and drinking well. Doctor has recommended he go. Probably the flatus tube again. Pottasium, last reading was fine. DD says he seems more confused which I have noticed at times Here we go again.
(((HUGS))) Pet, caring is so, so difficult. Be kind to yourself.
Hubby was discharged from hospital last night! I couldn't get through to anyone. I may be wrong but a bit miffed that no one from the home let me know. I have told them many times that they can contact me at anytime, day or night. Was getting ready to go to visit at the hospital, when DD1 phoned to tell me. She had managed to speak to someone at the hospital.
However am so pleased he is back at the home, after treatment. DD went to see him and he was happy and chatty. A nurse apologised for not letting me know.
So...why do I still feel battle weary??
Hi Pet, I'm glad he's back, but he does seem to be in and out of hospital like a yo yo, so no wonder you are stressed.
Poor Hubby. He had a nasty bout of projectile vomiting when I was with him today. Apparently ate breakfast well, but wasnt interested in his dinner. Remains to be seen if it's a virus at the home. Happened this time last year. Never ends, worry and anxiety.
Hubby's pottasium gone low again. Just on the threshold of not being admitted to hospital. I'm sure I recognise the signs before staff do? The vomiting attack couldn't have helped. He is very tired today. So tired he allowed me to feed him. Very sad. But at least he had dinner. Made me feel better though when he decided he could eat pudding for himself.
Some of the Christmas adverts are getting to me as well.
Pet, I'm glad he managed to eat his food, it seems to take me longer to bounce back to full fitness as I get older. I'm not a great fan of Christmas either. I used to love laying my dining table for the day, pretty tablecloth, polished silver, best dinner service. Now we eat in the kitchen, M has my big dining table for his train set. All the family, brother, husband, and now sister in law gone, no one to get the best china out for these days. To think we once hosted a surprise party for our in laws, over 40 guests for a significant anniversary!
I got a bit bah humbug today too when I saw an advert yet again proclaiming the "best Christmas ever". Where did this competition come from? Maybe we should have a "best Monday ever" competition each week. It might brighten up Mondays, at least for a while

Pet. It's OK not to be OK about Christmas
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