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A little more positive today. Had a nice greeting from hubby. He was in the lounge, as apposed to his room. He thought another resident swore at me, and became protective , as he would have pre dementia. I don't know if the resident did swear, but I said to hubby it wasn't at me love, but at staff. Some of my lovely husband who was my rock came back, to be treasured. Also his potassium was higher from the hospital reading. Another test done today. I'm aware change can happen, but making the best of today.
Glad you had a lovely visit. Definitely a memory to treasure.

Sadly hubby back in hospital. Just in from visiting him. I haven't actually seen his chest for ages. Did today because of the hospital gown. Overwhelmed me, as I can see the weight loss. He's quite confused again. Staff tell me the pottasium levels have gone up.
Have to get two buses home, and it took me all of my time not to break down. Poor hubby.

Poor Hubby. Glad his potassium levels are improving. I suppose he has lost muscle mass since being inactive, which will make him look smaller. Hopefully his weight will improve/ stabilise once his constipation is managed better.

(((HUGS))) from me too Pet.
I've spent most of the day sewing, as No.1 is on call, and no grandson until tomorrow. I just needed a blue zip to finish a dress, neither of the last two places in the area had one. So sad that all the other sewing shops have disappeared, there used to be so many. I'll probably end up getting one from ebay now, but I really wanted to support the local shops.
Hubby moved to a multi speciality ward this evening. DD1 visited today,. I went to the home to check the nurses book, so I have exactly what has been logged when I speak to the doctors. Also, I tidied his wardrobe , chest of drawers a:d bathroom. Why the staff find it hard to discard empty shower gel bottles and such like I don't know. Least of my worries really, just saying.
Good to be armed with info, Pet. Glad DD1 face you a break from visiting today, even though you went to the home. The empty shower gel bottles would probably irk you less if you weren't so worried. Does hubby have a bin in his ensuite?

At least by going to the home you felt you felt you were doing something for hubby.
Hubby still in hospital. The consultant yesterday sounded hopeful that the pottasium levels were up enough to discharge him. He said the results should be back in half an hour. Hum, well the results weren't back 5 hours later!
Hubby fed up of being messed about. Grumpy, apparently with the staff yesterday. Didn't want to be washed. I told them it the nature of the illness, and gave them a few pointers on how to approach. Not that they aren't caring staff because they seem to be. My days of apologising for his non compliance times are long gone. Not his fault, not mine, and Ive had to get a thick skin. Inside the pain is as bad.
I'm not sure at the moment, if I will visit today. I'm worn out. The consultant seems to see hubby at 12ish, so will try phoning this afternoon, although that is stressful as the phone rarely gets answered.
When he is discharged back to the nursing home, we ( family) will be keeping even more of n eye on his medication. If that's possible. Explained to the consultant about how his pottasium is given sometimes, and I fear hubby doesn't take it all. He said he will tell exact measurements , even though it says on the prescription. Sometimes the nurses drop it into his tumbler of juice, then expect him to drink it all down. Cause problems for themselves. I've told them a quarter of a tumbler is more than enough. Who am I though, just his wife, says me sarcastically. Battle on pet, that's all I can do.
Pet, despite having qualifications and years of experience doing accounts, I was told by SSD that I couldn't show the carers how to do M's money sheets....because I was THE PARENT!!!
It is so frustrating to care so deeply for someone and not to be allowed to speak up for them when they can't speak for themselves.

I always took pride in the fact that I did my job to the highest standards possible, whatever the job was. I couldn't sleep at night otherwise. Whatever happened to pride in a job well done?!
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