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Pet, I'm just the same with M.
How can someone without mental capacity be blamed if they don't manage his money properly?
I've just fired a big cannon across their bows, reminding them that the LGO specified that the provider and the council had to meet and sort this out once and for all, and it all has to be done before August 20th, when the LGO will check.
Meanwhile I've had to pay another £40 into his account so that he can still go to a steam rally this weekend, so he can see lots of old friends. I'm completely and utterly hacked off. I'm having another mega paperwork sort out, I have another huge box of his filing to sort out. We are both doing our very best, no one could do more.
(((Hugs))) Pet
You are doing your best for hubby. It's not your fault the system stinks and nurses lie. You are a champion and a star. Hubby knows that.
Pet - how could you possibly think you are failing your husband, you are doing as much as is humanly possible , above and beyond anything he would have expected of you. Please don't start to feel guilty that you are not doing enough, remember the forum advice- ok to feel sad you are having to fight so long and hard but never guilty and inadequate.
Here we go again. Hubby back to the hospital low pottasium. I asked the doctor at the nursing home if hubby could be prescribed a syrup form of medication, as apposed to the effervescent type, as he struggles to take it. Doctor said it's not so effective.I still feel it should be tried.
Feeling a bit deflated again. Like lots of us, I start getting a little more easy in my mind, then wham!
Hi Pet,
sorry to read that poor hubby is back in hospital for the same thing.

I agree if he's struggling to take the effervescent potassium and therefore not finishing the dose, that's not effective either :roll: The best person to ask is a pharmacist, preferably one familiar with hubby's other meds, then armed with that knowledge tackle the hospital doc.

Sorry you are going round in circles again Pet, or rather hubby is.
But do look at how the tone of your posts have changed from the start of your journey. You are much more assertive, more informed and calmer . A seasoned , if weary , traveller :)
I do feel weary today Mrs A!
A few phone calls trying to find out if hubby was taken to the assessment ward which has happened previously. No, he was in A&E. Calls to the home to see what news they had. Promises of calls back to me which didn't happen. Untill after 10 last night, from the night nurse at the home, to tell me Hubby is back at the home. A&E checked him over, all observations were fine, so to continue with the potassium at the home. Admittedly the last 3 times of admission to the hospital was because of blocked bowel, and the last time pneumonia,as well as low pottasium. So I don't know what to make of it. The guilt monster is at me, because I didn't go to the hospital.1, I didn't know where he was, 2a carer has to go with him. Now I feel I should have made my way there, regardless. The night nurse, was, in his favour, very caring, sounded competent, someone I haven't spoken to, or met, and I did feel a little comforted from his call.. Often, I just get, " he's settled". I don't phone often in the evening, only if I have had concerns.
No wonder you are weary. Hope you manage to recuperate today. Glad night nurse was competent and reassuring. As you say, no real benefit from you joining hubby and care worker at A&E, they are always so short of space and not the best place to have quality time with hubby. Sounds to me like the home were just being cautious/ thorough. Glad hubby is back in familiar surroundings. If his potassium was low, I think it's worth having that chat with a friendly pharmacist.

I'm very confused, very annoyed, and tired.
Last night, just before 8pm, I had a telephone call from a nurse at hubby's nursing home. Did I know what his potassium reading was, on Wednesday when A&E discharged him? No I don't know what the reading was. My understanding is, that the hospital said he was fine, all observations were good, and to continue medication as usual.
Bearing in mind, that on Thursday I spoke to the same nurse at the home, ( his named nurse I might add) to enquire about hubby having the syrup potassium as apposed to effervescent. She said she would email doctor but notes in hubby's file blah blah.
So why a panic, just as the staff are finishing for the evening on Friday night. The doctor said the staff would have to send hubby back to the hospital, as he hadn't received an email from A&E.. Paramedics won't take anyone to hospital if a person hasn't any symptoms. Why has it taken from Thursday morning to Friday evening for staff to wonder if hubby should be on a course of potassium.?

Fast forward, the night nurse managed to get through to A& E to see if she could get any information. A&E couldn't, wouldnt give any, Data protection etc. They did say they wouldn't have discharged hubby if he needed hospital treatment. So, staff have to monitor hubby phone paramedics if any concerns, over the weekend. Then hopefully the email will be sitting in the GPs inbox on Monday morning with advice. Lack of communication again and slow thinking on nursing staff, suddenly having a panic. Hubby , by the way is his usual self, according to the night nurse, and showing no signs of being poorly.
So, I will have to email the manager again, try to explain what's happened. I have a feeling it will be played down though.
I haven't slept well at all as you can imagine.
Will visit hubby today.
One confused wife now going to have a cuppa and see what the day brings
How totally exasperating and frustrating and indeed alarming!

I've forgetten whether you have heath and well being PoA, because surely if you do, then YOU are entitled to ALL the medical notes made about your husband, and if that is so, then presumably the safest thing all round is for you to be 'copied in' at every stage, so YOU have ALL the relevant data, given that they seem incapable of smoothly ensuring it passes to the relevant party when necessary!

It does seem particularly frustrating that something as 'outwardly simple' (!) as 'potassium levels' should be causing SUCH endless to-ing and fro-ing to hospital etc, ie, that it can't be 'managed' at the care home, with far less distress and fuss and discomfort for your poor husband, let alone you as well!

DO hope it 'sorts itself out' - as if you didn't have QUITE enough on your 'stress plate' as it is.

Hope this is a 'calmer weekend' for you....
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