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Pet, I'm just the same with M.
How can someone without mental capacity be blamed if they don't manage his money properly?
I've just fired a big cannon across their bows, reminding them that the LGO specified that the provider and the council had to meet and sort this out once and for all, and it all has to be done before August 20th, when the LGO will check.
Meanwhile I've had to pay another £40 into his account so that he can still go to a steam rally this weekend, so he can see lots of old friends. I'm completely and utterly hacked off. I'm having another mega paperwork sort out, I have another huge box of his filing to sort out. We are both doing our very best, no one could do more.
(((Hugs))) Pet
You are doing your best for hubby. It's not your fault the system stinks and nurses lie. You are a champion and a star. Hubby knows that.
Pet - how could you possibly think you are failing your husband, you are doing as much as is humanly possible , above and beyond anything he would have expected of you. Please don't start to feel guilty that you are not doing enough, remember the forum advice- ok to feel sad you are having to fight so long and hard but never guilty and inadequate.
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