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New to dementia journey

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Oh Pet - how very distressing for you. No words frankly but stay strong and remember it is the illness talking not your beloved husband.

I have huge admiration for your patience and compassion towards your husband.

Try to do something for YOU today and relax if you can. Hugs
Hi Pet,
Glad they have agreed suppliments.

It sounds like his meds need tweaking, never easy when the patient can't explain how they are feeling/ affected. It might be that rather than coming off the Temazapam altogether, he just needs a lower dose particularly as his weight is a lot lower than when they were initially prescribed. It might not be the same, but children on epilepsy meds need their meds increasing as they gain weight.

It's not always possible to be calm no matter what, shouting back was a natural response and it sounds like he instantly forgot anyway.

It seems you are dealing with lots of hubby issues at the moment, I hope the issues get resolved soon. Take care. (((Pet66)))

So upsetting - and upsetting too, that HE forgot quickly (which is, yes a blessing) but that YOU did not, and went on being affected by it long after.

I know we know with our heads it 'isn't them' but it still 'feels' like them, when such behaviour comes out....

I hope things are easier next time.
Worried this evening. Poor hubby has been admitted to hospital. Distended tummy. He didn't even have an x-ray untill late evening. Apparently he is quite comfy. Nothing I can do tonight. Have this feeling I'm not going to sleep.
Be back asap
Hugs Pet, you must be so worried. Keep in touch. Is the hospital fairly close to you?
BB the hospital is about 20mins in a taxi. A long awkward journey by bus. I have taxi money allocated at all times to be honest.
I am worried, and trying not to overthink.
(((Hugs)) Pet
Of course you will worry. You would whether he had dementia or not. You can call the ward to ask how he's doing every so often. They will understand.

Keep as posted ,as we worry about you
Hugs from me too Pet. I agree that having anyone in hospital is a huge worry and it is even harder if they have dementia.

I do not drive, so when my husband was in hospital I was not able to go and see him that often. I did phone the ward late morning though after they had done the rounds, and generally the nurses were quite helpful and I did on occasion get told when to call back to have the best chance of speaking to a doctor.

Thinking of you.
Pet, so sorry to read that your hubby is in hospital. Very stressful time for you. Try and get as much rest as you can. Thinking of you.
Visited hubby at the hospital today. He has a potassium drip as its very low. Poor hubby, more confused than ever. The tissue viability nurse to see him. Supposed to be today but nothing.
The nurse asked me about his aggression! I'm afraid I was a bit sharp, and said yes, it's part of dementia. Explained the best approach, which is not bounding in the room,and trying to sort him, without telling him what they want to do. He apparently hit one of the staff. I'm sad that happened but I'm past being fretful about that sort of thing.
Really I will be glad when he is back at the nursing home with staff who know him. I'm not sure the staff on the ward know how to cope with dementia. One staff came to say hello to us and was lovely with him but apparently some are frightened. My lovely hubby.
I'm exhausted.
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