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Hi Pet,
I wasn't confused by what you said previously, I realised you meant the nurses info for the DOLS was inaccurate.

Re the account of what happened to hubby's eye, it's the same in school, we are instructed to write the bare minimum e.g. At 10.30, T was sat on his chair, he had a seizure, fell forwards and hit his head on the floor. Treated by EA first aider."

Is hubby hoisted by a mobile hoist? If so, the hoist bar is close to the person's head, but proper manual handling techniques should prevent the bar coming into contact with their head. Sounds like the night staff need a refresher.
We have to record all marks, injuries etc and you are right to expect the home to do the same. It's a good job you are suggesting the foam, but really whoever reviews the accident/ incident logs should be looking for and implementing presentation too.

Melly. It's a mobile hoist. However, hubby is more comfortable with the stand aid. He uses his good arm to hold on, and the staff help him out the stroke affected arm onto the bar. Help him out his feet on it too. I realise the hoist has to be used at times. Day staff assure me that if they explain as they go along, to what is happening, he isn't quite as difficult. I also realise night staff won't know him as well as day staff but as he is later going to bed sometimes, I feel they could give him a few minutes to chat?
I also understand to keep details to a minimum, but they didn't even get the correct side of his face recorded. Improvements have been made re records from what I can see. I still value what staff do.
Grateful for your post too. Even though I had to record incidents when a RCCO, seeing the very minimal poor recording was worrying to say the least. Joys of overseeing his care! I know you have similar with S.
There is no excuse for poor care. I can quite see what hubby would prefer the standing hoist - the person feels more in control of the process. Minimum detail in recording all about possible future litigation ... Should definitely be accurate and any investigations should be thorough and preventative strategies put in place.

I took the DoLs information to hubby's named nurse yesterday. She didn't seem too happy with my request for her to amend. I did explain that I'm not blaming, just feel conversations have been misheard of misunderstood. I do wish she wouldn't keep telling me that she has never had a problem with hubby. Good, I'm pleased to hear it. However she really doesn't have to spend much time with him. Others have difficulties from time to time. I have this feeling some( not all) feel it's a failing if residents have had aggressive times. Of course they are not failing, it's a complex Dementia unit! Maybe the handling and recording needs tweaking.
I digress, the nurse has agreed to amend the form, changing one word from minimal to moderate, and to explain hubby hasn't chosen to stay in his room from admission. I could go on, but won't, as lots of you know where I'm coming from! So emotionally draining.
Hugs Pet, so emotionally tiring.
Haven't had a very good night again. Flashbacks. Probably anxiety about the pending meeting. I know we all get flash backs and have to get through. I decided today that I would take the weekend off from visiting hubby. Occasionally I do. Seem to know now when I should. It's about every 5 weeks I do that, otherwise it's still every other day, and either Sat or Sunday. I'm not saying I don't feel dreadful with that pattern, but it's the only way I cope.
Hi Pet
I'm so glad you've learned that it is important to listen to your body and to be kind to yourself very so often. You have come so far
Visited hubby today. Confabulating quite alot, but I can cope with that as long as it's positive thoughts. He did snap at me, thinking I had opened the window. That was ok, I explained it wasn't me, but shut the window, put a blanket on him and gave him a kiss.
On the way home, walking past the vets, I saw my friend, and her family in absolute bits. Just had to have their family dog put down. Old little dog, and if he had been a cat, 9 lives were well exhausted. So why, with all my worries etc at the moment, but haven't cried for ages, was I crying, not able to control, the rest of the way home, and sobbed when I opened my front door??
Pet, it was probably just the last straw. Sometimes having a good howl lets out all the pent up emotion. Be kind to yourself tonight. Tomorrow is another day, a clean slate.
Pet - hugs for you , one sadness too many, dogs is generally the only thing that sets me off. I never as a rule cry about anything but I can feel my eyes watering reading sad stories on dog forums when I don't even know the dog.
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