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New to caring - need basic help - Carers UK Forum

New to caring - need basic help

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
My elderly father has terminal cancer. He hopes to spend as much as possible of his remaining time at home. I am not his only carer, but I do need basic practical advice for new carers; for example how to clean him after 'toileting', etc.
All suggestions will be gratefully received!
Hi Kathy and welcome Image
Wet wipes have a multitude of uses, just don't flush them down the loo!
Hi Kathy and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the circumstances that have brought you to us but I'm sure you will be pleased that you found the forum - lots of support available here.

The wet wipes suggestion from Myrtle is a good one. Something you have to be very aware of, especially if your father becomes less mobile is to be aware of pressure sores. They can appear very quickly. I think it would be worth having a word with the district nurse about your concerns and I'm sure they would be able to give your some suggestions. Have the Palliative team become involved? They too are a valuable resource not only for your Father but for you and the family too.

There is usually someone around somewhere on the forum so please do pop in as and when you wish.

Bell x
hi and welcome
Hi Kathy, and welcome from me too. Last year, we nursed my mum at home with terminal brain cancer. I found the marie curie nurses and st raphaels hospice wonderful, they set us up on "hospice at home" which does what it says on the tin. We all had the benefits of st raphs, but at home. They gave us a hotline phone number for anything we we needed or worried about.
Apart from that, we made sure mum had everything she wanted as far as possible. If she wanted chocolate and toast, that is what she had.
As she got weaker, we found the lightweight but warm blankets a godsend. We could double then up on the bed if she got cold, without it being too heavy on her legs, and just take off layers if she was too hot. Also a small fan positioned by the bed, for when she had hot sweats.
Good luck, and take care of yourself as well.
phoebe x
Hi Kathy have you got a Macmillan Nurse as they are very helpful. I am caring for my husband who also has terminal cancer and our Macmillan nurse has been brilliant, I am also referred to the hospice at home team although I haven't had to use them yet it is a weight off knowing they are in place for whenever I will need them.
Your nurses should give you training in basic care needs, including safe lifting and handling, laundry, bathing etc.
This might sound like putting the cart before the horse: but sorting out the money side is very important for reasons that will become apparent, if they arent already. Have you got a recent benefits review, has your dad signed a power of attorney, and has he signed an up to date will?
Hi Kathy,
I use commode liners, they are like a bag and saves me having to keep washing and disinfecting the bowl.
I use a variety of wipes some for mum's bottom and some specifically for cleaning the parts of the commode she sits on. I also use a disinfecting spray on surfaces.
I keep supermarket bags to put everything into for those days when she has had more substantial 'accidents'.
I have Oust to spray to get rid of bad smells.
I also use Tena wash cream which I use to wash her. I use Tena wash gloves and Aqua wash mitts which are lovely and soft so I'll wear latex or latex free gloves and also put my hand inside one of these mitts to clean her.
Then I get my head in the right place mentally where I tell myself that as bad as it is, everything I remove is making her cleaner bit by bit.
I think that's all I can think of at the moment.
hello scruffy
for the future where do i buy commode liners ?