New to caring

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Hello all, have been caring for my 14 year old daughter full time now for 18 months and I don't know how you all do it!! It has been the hardest job in my life so far (which is saying something as I used to work for the NHS)!
Things I struggle with are generally getting through the maze of benefits, keeping my teen occupied without spending too much money and finding out what's available in my area. I have had a carers assessment which all went hideously wrong as I was promised 5 hours respite care via direct payments and then told 3 months later that it had been rejected at panel. This left me having to find money to pay for individual music lessons for my daughter which I didn't have the heart to cancel.
Good things are that at last we know what is wrong with my daughter and that she is getting the appropriate medical help at a specialist unit in London. Tough thing is seeing her having to cope with so much pain and trying to forget the 'normal' child we had 2 years ago.
Hope to hear from others.
Hi Janey

I'm new here too,been fulltime carer for my housebound son for almost 3 years now since he took ill just after he turned 13. Am just dipping my toe in the whole social services thing and trying to get my head round all there is to know. I'm pretty pooped right now and got a long night ahead so just a quick hi and welcome for now.

Best wishes